Elderly Suicide

Elderly Suicide

Elderly suicide is becoming a major problem in todays society. A case study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in January of 1996, proposed that the suicide rates among people age 65 and older has increased since 1980 (Devons, 1996). A study conducted in 1991 showed the suicide rates among the elderly were also 50% higher then those among younger people. Many people in society, however, still tend to devote much of their attention toward younger people who commit suicide (Futurist, 1991). Something needs to be done to get people to focus on elderly suicides, to save the lives of our grandparents and great-grandparents. After all, they hold the key to our future, with their good advice and words of wisdom. (Need coursework writing help? Go to professional service)
Elderly people have a greater desire to die and to insure that the act will be fatal. Compared to younger people who attempt suicide, elderly people are four times more likely to be successful (Leo, 2001). Most often, elderly people who attempt suicide truly want to die, while younger people who attempt suicide are usually calling for help or attempt the act as a way to manipulate their family and/or friends. Elderly people are

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