Learning By Doing

Learning By Doing

Learning by Doing

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Learning is a skill of gaining knowledge to be used in ones everyday life. As a senior in college, I have learned many lessons on learning. If I had worked more outside the classroom, I would be a more productive student. Everyone throughout his or her life goes through lessons about learning. Throughout my life I have learned many lessons about learning.
One of the biggest incidents I have been through is repeating an animal science class. If I had applied myself, for excellence in education, I would have done better in my studies. I faced loopholes by not applying myself towards the subject. Through repeating the class, I have gained a better outlook on learning.
I did not read the assigned topics; as a result, I faced many hardships. Many of my upper level education classes required reading assignments. I was ?hard headed? and not focused. Therefore I did not read. Many class meetings the professor gave pop quizzes. I learned that one should always be prepared for

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