Being A Lesbian Is A Political Choice

October 7, 2016 Politics

Being A Lesbian Is A Political Choice

Lesbian Families

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When I first signed up for the Lesbian Families Team Presentation I was a little tentative because I didn?t know what to expect. Whenever I heard the word ?Lesbian?, I would always cringe a little inside because to me that is not a normal life style. As our group was brainstorming ideas for our presentation I said that I would do a brief history for this topic. Throughout my research, I realized that being a lesbian is a life style, and even though being a lesbian is a life style, we are all humans that deserve a fair chance at life. Just because lesbians might act differently, dress differently, and talk differently, that doesn?t mean that they should be excluded from a normal life in general.
Being a lesbian is a political choice. The development of Lesbian-Feminist politics as the basis for the Liberation of women is a Lesbians? top priority. All lesbians are now in revolt because all Lesbians define themselves in terms of a woman and reject the male definitions of how she should feel, act, look, and live. On the other side of things the male society defines the lesbians

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