Refugees And Asylum Seekers

October 12, 2016 Health

Refugees And Asylum Seekers

MIGRANTS: Since the beginning of human society, people have moved from place to place, from region to region, from country to country. Some travelled by foot, others by motor vehicle or boat or plane. Every country in the world has experienced people coming and going at one time or another.

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Today, about one hundred million people are making the choice to leave the country of their birth and live somewhere else. Perhaps they can get a better job in another country perhaps they have married a person from another country perhaps their health demands a different climate for their well-being. Their reasons are many and varied. It is said that one in every hundred people in the world today does not live in the country of their birth. Migration is nothing new.

Australia is a nation of migrants. Apart from Australia?s indigenous peoples, our ancestors all came to Australia from other countries by boat or plane. Australia has attracted migrants from the four corners of the globe at every stage of non-indigenous settlement since 1770. Despite such policies as the White Australia Policy?, Australia, like many other countries, has welcomed migrants, those whove come across the seas? because this country needed

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