Regulations Against Jews

Regulations Against Jews

Regulations against Jews

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Rules and regulations placed upon the Jewish citizens during World War ???? were the plan of Adolph Hitler, a nazi leader, to protect the ??§perfect?? race. This is known to day as genocide. This is also, directly linked to racial profiling, and discrimination against a people or race. Some of these laws included were the Nuremberg Laws and the Dwork laws. These laws had a major affect on how people of Jewish descent would affect the world population. They also had a dominant influence of how the Jewish citizens were treated, and their outlook of the government.
The Nuremberg Laws were passed on September 15, 1935 (Austin). The laws consisted of three main goals. These goals were each a different section to the document (World War ????). The first is to fulfill the goal of clarifying the requirements of citizenship. The second section of the document is to clarify the position in society that Jewish citizens were to obtain. The third division was placed to protect the purity of the German blood (Austin).
The first goal was to declare the requirements needed to be a German citizen. There were only

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