Men were cultural figures in the Renaissance society. Needless to say that women were hardly heard, there were few that made sure their opinions were recognized. One of the most famous of these women was Christine de Pizan. She emphasized the political and educational abilities of women who should have been as genuinely accepted as the male figures of this time. What are some of the common assumptions and arguments concerning women in the Renaissance It was assumed that because of the integrity to which women were inclined, as not possessing enough in order understand and to learn the laws, it would not be at all appropriate for them to take part in the legal affairs of the society. Another common assumption directed toward women of the period was the idea that it was not good for them to be educated. How does Christine de Pizan?s attack these assumptions and arguments She argued that if one believed that women did not have enough understanding to learn the laws they inevitably did not take into account the proof of women?s

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