Civil Rights

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Essay
What does it mean to have equal rights Does it mean we are all alike or does it mean we all should be entitled to whatever life has to offer The Civil Rights Movement was further clarification of what it means to be free. There were earlier times in history when freedom and equality were addressed, but somehow never fully understood or realized.
In the selection the ?Merry-Go-Round?, by Langston Hughes, we discussed in class how powerful of a piece it was because it was written from a child?s perspective. Even a child can see the impossibility of inequality in a circle. A young child doesn?t understand the difference between front and back and it doesn?t matter as long as he gets to ride the merry-go-round. Maybe it?s only our adult minds that have the power to determine or to give a meaning to front and back and to black and white.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the voice that brought awareness to the problems that Negroes still faced. Even though Negroes had been ?freed?, Dr. King brought it to the public?s attention that their freedom was not a true

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