?The case for Reparations?, by Charles J. Ogletree, is a piece that attempts to persuade the reader to agree with the idea of reparations. Reparations are designed to ?repair? the damages that have been caused, in this case to African-Americans. It is stated that when slavery was abolished, there was never an apology. Another point is the government did give some land to blacks after they were freed, but immediately took this land away. There is also the idea that this country was built on slavery, and there are millions of black Americans who are still affected by this. In this article, the solution is to set up a trust fund for certain people to bring claims. These points give us something to think about, but aren?t entirely true. These reparations have nothing to do with the present situation of many blacks. Also, there have been many groups persecuted throughout the history of this country. A trust fund would do very little, and there are many questions that must be asked if this is the suggested idea. This article is written in an attempt to educate people on reparations, but there are

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