Law And Order

Law And Order

Law and Order in America: Fact or Fiction

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I grew up in the seventies believing that police officers, lawyers, judges and people in general were good, always told the truth as best they could, and would always stand on the side of good when called upon to do so in any circumstance. Many Americans have lived under that same influence of rose colored glasses ideology in regards to jurisprudence in this country. Recently, in the last two decades or so, this has changed and the American criminal justice system has come under attack by the press and the average citizen. Why is this Are we simply just turning into a nation of cynics, naysayers, paranoid of our very own government and its? agencies Or perhaps, for the first time since this country?s birth, we have made available to us the forensic science and other modern technologies that have helped us to open our eyes to the truth set before us?that corruption and incompetence truly plague our justice system at virtually every level I am going to use the latter as my basis for explaining why I finally decided it was time to take my own rose colored glasses off and look

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