Dog Fighitng

Dog Fighitng

Twenty-eight years ago, in 1976, the Animal Welfare Act was passed. This act made dog fighting a criminal offense, punishable by up to five years in prison and monetary penalties up to $25,000. Before this act was passed, dog fighting was not only a popular sport, but was the only acceptable means of evaluating the integrity of the American Pit Bull Terrier, as a dog and a breed. The matches were usually held in a box with sides of two feet and the scratchline (the line down the middle of the box of which the dog?s must cross) not to be less than 14 feet from each side., with three people in the box during the match, the handlers of both dogs and the referee. The matches were held in accordance with what are commonly known as the ?Cajun Rules?. This was a sport, and the illegalization of matching was a grievous error and needs to be rectified. Dog fighting should be legalized because it is a vital tool in evaluating breeding stock, dogs are considered property, the government has no place to dictate what private citizens do with their property, and there are numerous activities and sports that

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