Rights To Bear Arms

Rights To Bear Arms

Do Americans Have the Right to Bear Arms

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It is said by many young Americans that the government is constantly scheming against its people. Although there is really no evidence to proving this theory?s accuracy, young Americans who feel this way have built up a strong argument as to why it might be so. ?The government has too much power,? the people claim. Whether the government?s control over our lives is hidden or open, it is factual that the government has heavy control over what Americans can and cannot do. Tapping phones, surveys, tracking devices, identification numbers, collection agencies, and repossession are all examples of how the government can follow our every move. Numerous young Americans feel that it is nearly unconstitutional for the government to have control of our self-protection. Although I do not agree that we should have every right to bear arms, to an extent I agree with their ideas. They feel that citizens should have the right to protect themselves from the people who are out on the streets carrying guns illegally. I personally feel that instead of putting more guns out in the streets, the government

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