Nigger by Randall Kennedy
Can a word in American society be deemed so ugly, hateful, vulgar or disrespectful that it is left out of some dictionaries Is it possible for a word, when used or written, to insult a person or a group of people to fight kill or protest a medium in which it was printed Is it possible for a word that has become part of our culture that carries such negative meaning to entice a society to banish it completely The answer to these questions is yes, and the word that has taken these qualities is ?Nigger?. Through out the growth of our nation the word ?Nigger? has woven its way into our culture. Beginning with slavery, to hate groups, discrimination laws, sports, music and the criminal justice system, ?Nigger? has developed a meaning of hate. The question that taints our society today is who can use the word ?Nigger? and how as a society can we defuse its meaning In ?Nigger? by Randall Kennedy, an African American Law professor at Harvard University, he illustrates how the word ?Nigger? developed its hate qualities, entered into the courtroom and actions taken against

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