School Size

School Size

?Is Size Crucial to School Improvement?

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School size is a major issue in the educational environment across the country. Ranging from 100 to 5,000, all high schools are different in matters of how many students attend the school. Many people think that small schools are a better environment for students to learn in, but then there are those who feel that there is more of a chance for the student to find what they are interested in at a bigger school. There are many sub-issues in the main issue of the size of the school such as class size, extra curricular activities, a larger choice of classes in bigger schools, the relationship between the student and the teacher, among many other issues.
The size of a school is made out to be one of the most important issues in the field of education, but the size of the school should not matter, the quality of the education the students are getting while they are in the classrooms is the most important issue dealing with education. If you have 200 teachers or 35 teachers, they should all give 110% to their students. I think Irwin Kurtz said

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