The practice of clustering people together in homogenous groups

April 16, 2019 April 30th, 2019 Marketing

The practice of clustering people together in homogenous groups according to their common needs, interests or traits is an important constituent of business industry. It helps not only to define the consumers but also targets them. It is a fundamental part of business marketing strategy and often referred to as ‘market segmentation’.
It is an acknowledged fact that all the business firms whether big or small are employing market segmentation in order to recognize the varying needs of the customers and promote their products and services. Being a part of apparel manufacturing firm, I comprehend the need to segment our customers in order to get across with our customers and to promote our products. By considering different variables we design and provide the customers a product that satisfies their need in a much better way.
First of all, while designing a product, customers are segmented and treated demographically. The age, gender, occupation, nationality, income and status are always considered and given prime importance. For instance if we are designing something for females we would consider their age and occupation. Most of the trendy and chic apparel is designed keeping young girls in mind and similarly it is tired to create a comfortable and elegant fashion line for the older ladies. However, keeping in mind the income of our target market is also very important. As we mostly target middle class groups, so we are always careful to design such a product which is affordable for our target market.
Moreover, there often comes time when my company has to design something for customers in a different region. In such situations, we first try to determine the location and weather of the region. As people living in Florida have different clothing needs than from the people living in Siberia. Therefore if we had to design something for the tropical regions, we would choose light materials and would design shorts and swimwear for the hot regions. Similarly coats and jackets are designed for the colder regions and the materials are also chosen accordingly.
Another important variable that the firm I work in uses is to put their customers in the psychographic groups. It keeps the values, opinions, lifestyle and attitudes of consumers in mind while designing a product for them. Once the firm I work in had to design a clothing line for masons, so it created the apparel that was according to their lifestyle. Different people have different values and opinions and the consumers are dealt according to their values.
As the firm mostly targets middle class people so it also keeps in mind the behavior of the consumers. It tries to provide best quality at an affordable price and also try to appeal the consumers by creating a line specifically for the holiday season using the festive colours in their designs. The needs and behaviours of the customers are always considered when designing a clothing line. The company with which I work has always used the above mentioned variables while designing a clothing line for the customers and thus has tried to promote their business.


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