Smoking in Public Places

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Should smoking be banned in public places Whether or not smoking should be allowed in public places has been debated ever since the introduction of the first non-smoking law (Williams 1). There have been many reasons for and against smoking that have come about in the past few years, including the more recent anti public smoking laws that have come into effect in businesses, restaurants, and other public facilities. The problem is that most of these laws have little or no merit and undermine the personal freedoms of smokers resulting in political, economical, and social consequences.
According to a recent survey of 17,287 high school students from the United States, a quarter of the students that went to school have at least smoked cigarettes before (Wakefield 333). The survey was taken in 1999, and it also includes the students enrolled in Caesar Rodney High School (Wakefield 333). According to this medical journal survey, twenty percent of the high school students that smoked were established smokers and twenty percent of them had only tried it once or twice (Wakefield 333). Also, most, of the smokers were ethnically white, and more then half were women (Wakefield 333). This

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