Solution To Underage Drinking

Solution To Underage Drinking

Solution to Underage Drinking
It is a Friday night. A group of seniors in high school are headed to a field party after a long week of school. Before arriving, they stop at a convenience store to buy some beer. The clerk asks for their identification and one teenager uses a cheaply made fake id to purchase the alcohol. The group gets to the party and drinks with their other thirty classmates until the function is busted up by the cops. The cops check for designated drivers, and tell everyone to go home without making any arrests. The group of seniors are thankful to not be in trouble and go to sleep thinking about the party on Saturday.
U.S. law states that the minimum drinking age is 21. Yet, every weekend thousands of kids under this age are breaking this law. The big question is why Yes, some of these underage age drinkers buy alcohol because they like the taste or because they enjoy the feeling it gives them, although, they are not the majority. The majority choose to drink because they think it looks cool or because they enjoy rebelling authority (

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