Social Learning

Social Learning

Social Process
(Social Learning Theory)

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Most human behaviors are learned through the process of observing others forms of how behaviors are performed and perceived, this in the future serves as a guide for our own actions. This Social Learning Theory, also known as social process, has thoroughly been applied to many of our adapted traits. Aggression and psychological disorders have been extensively rooted to this theory in studies in such areas. Public policies aimed at social process help reduce the involvement with deviant peers, reducing exposure to violence in the home, community, and the media. It is very important to notice the policy implications used to aid these problems rooted at the social learning process such as, intervention/ preventions, schooling, and diverse types of peer modeling.

Observational learning begins with your family and how you are brought up around them and your peers. The family is an extremely crucial key to a child?s development and a healthy upbringing. All of the people who surround you during your time seem to influence your behavior and your perception of certain behaviors. This is where all of the learning begins and this is where much focus

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