Social Workers

Social Workers

There are many different types of social workers such as clinical social workers, child welfare or family social workers, child or adult protective services social workers, school social workers, and healthcare social workers. These are just a few of the different type of social workers the on I am interested in is child welfare and family social workers. In the following pages is will discuss information that I learned on what social workers do, what are the working conditions, salary ranges, and the minium requirements to enter the field. I also have an with a student majoring in this field.

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One of the careers that I am interested in is social work. The type of social work that I am interested in is deals with child welfare and family services. Social workers treat people with social problems and people with serious illnesses. Social workers that deal with child welfare and family services help children who have difficulty adjusting to changes in their environment such as divorce, new siblings, parents remarrying and/or illness within themselves or a parents illness. Child welfare social workers also deal with children who are in an abusive house holds, the help

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