Spirituality And Substace Abuse

December 18, 2016 Religion

Spirituality And Substace Abuse

Spirituality and Substance Abuse Treatment
The definition spirituality is a very personal and individualized response to God, as we know he/she, a higher power or an animating force in the world. A person does not have to engage in religious rituals or even believe in God to be spiritual.
1. Religion comes from the root “religio” meaning humanity?s bond with a greater being.
2. Spiritual comes from the root “spiritus” meaning breath or life.
3. However, the meaning of the word ?religion? has evolved to include religious behaviors and rituals which some view as an impediment to a spiritual experience.
A person can be characterized in terms of their religion by measuring the extent to which they are engaged in religious belief and practice. Spirituality is hard to define because of its focus on the transcendent; spirituality defies customary conceptual boundaries, whereas religion is actually defined by its boundaries. Religion involves beliefs, rituals; and is, easier to define. Some forms of religion interfere or distort one?s spirituality. Spirituality should be multi-dimensional involving behavior, belief, and experience.
Substance Abuse/Dependence Treatment and Spirituality
“Religion and spirituality is an important factor in recovery from addiction. As was as Religious practices and the use

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