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Does the attempt to have high quality athletes on campus undermine educational standards

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Sports that are provided by the college, are what attract a large number of students to the school. The
standards that the school sets for these students are a reflection of how the school views academics, and the
importance that academics are to the school. The attempt to have high quality athletes on campus is secondary
in regards to academics. Any and all colleges have a minimum G.P.A. requirement that all students must
maintain before they are able to graduate. This standard does not change for athletes of any caliber. High
quality athletes on campus dont undermine educational standards, but it provides a benchmark for the future of
education and athletics. High quality athletes often surpass the minimum requirements. This shows that the
college views excellence as a beneficial attribute, therefore increasing its position as an academically focused
institution. Athletes in general are brought up with the drive and determination to achieve, and if they dont do
well they are pushed in the direction that is most beneficial to them. Education and athletics are complementary
to each other, and it only benefits the school, and does not undermine educational standards when there are
high quality athletes on campus.

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