Stupid White Men

Stupid White Men

Across the United States of America, there are many opinions about the government. One opinion that seems absurd to one person can be brilliant to another person. Opinions vary from person to person. Some people may not express their opinions to the public while others do not care what others think of their opinion. Michael Moore is a perfect example of a man who doesn?t care if other people dislike his ideas.
Michael Moore expressed his opinions in the form of a book that is called Stupid White Men. In the book, Michael talks about certain issues in the world. He believes that they will bring a negative outcome on the future. He blames most of the problems on the current administration in charge of America, and he wishes for a change in government. He uses many facts to back himself up. Many liberals would agree with this book while many conservatives would disagree with this book. Michael does not care if the people he target in his book disagree with him.
In the book, Michael makes George W.

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