Colleges are a Great Medium for Social Awareness

Colleges are a Great Medium for Social Awareness

Colleges are a Great Medium for Social Awareness

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I believe universities and community colleges are the most advantageous sites for advancing social awareness and to foster change. Prior to reading the Gitlin book The Sixties and The Port Huron Statement (PHS), from the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), I had a difficult time formulating an opinion about student activism. After reading the PHS I developed a greater understanding about the Free Speech Movement by the SDS during the 1960s. I have also heard comments from family members about their perceptions of the 60s and the Free Speech Movement. Politics is always a topic of debate and people often reserve their comments for discussion at home since it can trigger very strong feelings and arguments. I feel there are a few factors which impact whether or not a college student will become interested or participate in efforts to affect social change. A students educational background, affluence and influence are just a few of the characteristics that I will discuss to support my opinion.
First, I feel a persons educational background is very important. Attending a college or university not only involves a student taking the required general

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