Teenage Pregnacy

January 14, 2017 General Studies

Teenage Pregnacy

Teenage Pregnancy

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I sat watching the Maury Polvich show one day and the topic was on teens, sex, and pregnancy. This is a really interesting topic to me because I am the mother of two teenage girls. While watching these shows, I asked myself ? What was the parents involvement in the prevention of these teen?s pregnancy? Most of the parents on the show stated that they did talk to their children about sex, but the children just didn?t listen to them and that is how they ended up pregnant.
Listening to the parents and watching the reactions of the audience made me reflect on my situation as a teenager. All I could remember was my aunt telling me that sex was bad and that if she found out I was doing it she would kill me. That left a curious question in my mind as a teen. What is so bad about this thing called sex I had to try it and see for myself why was it so bad. I just didn?t know all that it entailed and the repercussions that one must face when they make that decision.

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