The Go Getter

The Go Getter

The Go-Getter is a story about one man?s drive and persistence. William E. Peck is his name and he is an ex-soldier who was injured in battle. Bill lost one of his arms and had one of his legs shortened because of a gunshot wound. But the story begins as the Ricks & Logging Company is looking for a man who can take over managerial responsibilities in their Shanghai office. The two previous managers have had alcohol problems and have not lived up to their responsibilities. So the company is looking for a replacement.
First off, Cappy Ricks and Mr. Skinner are set on a Mr. Andrews taking the job in Shanghai. But in walks this gimpy one-armed man into Mr. Ricks? office and wow?s him with his powerful ability to sell himself, Bill Peck. Bill had met with several other people in the company and they did not give him a chance. But he wouldn?t quit and went straight to the top and achieved what he was looking for, and got his chance.
Early in Bill?s job, he does surprisingly well. The top dogs at the company think that Bill just may be the man to take over the

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