Animal Testing

February 15, 2017 Medical

Animal Testing


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Animal testing is not a new concept. For many centuries research scientists have used of all kinds of animals mostly small ones like rodents. The value of animal research has been overrated for decades. Though researchers claim that they depend on animal test data to achieve medical advances, they should demand other means of research and laws assuring a minimum level of animal testing because it is cruel, inhumane, and often unnecessary. On the other hand, The American Medical Association has stated that it believes research that involves animals is essential to maintaining and improving the health of human beings.
Arguments for animal experimentation may include the morality, necessity, and validity of these studies. The moral issues on animal experiments concern the need to protect human life. The gains in human health and well being outweigh the cost in animal suffering. It would be immoral to conduct such tests on humans, so animals serve as stand-ins for many kinds of testing and research. Those who support animal testing may care deeply about animals but dont place their life value on an equal

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