Thesis in Permit Issuance and Monitoring System

AMA Computer Learning Center College General Santos City AUTOMATED SHIPPING PERMIT ISSUANCE AND MONITORING SYSTEM FOR THE VETERINARY QUARANTINE SERVICE A Thesis Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in AMA Computer Learning Center College, General Santos City By Claro Lee D. Quitong Annalyn G. Zaragoza October 2011 CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE In exploration, we find new techniques, new knowledge, even develop new equipment, processes or procedures, imagination and skill is employed by the proponents.

Foreign Related Literature` WisDOT’s oversize/overweight (OSOW) automated issuance system Overview The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) was officially established in 1967 by combining formerly independent agencies and the Department of Motor Vehicles (which included the State Highway Commission, State Aeronautics Commission and State Patrol). WisDOT supports all forms of transportation. The department is responsible for planning, building and maintaining Wisconsin’s network of state highways and Interstate highway system.

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The department shares the costs of building and operating county and local transportation systems – from highways to public transit and other modes. WisDOT plans, promotes and financially supports statewide air, rail and water transportation, as well as bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The department works closely with other state, federal and local agencies to meet changing and growing travel needs. Transportation impacts everyone and WisDOT is committed to providing the safest, most efficient and highest quality transportation services to best serve the needs of the state, its citizens and many visitors.

The department is made up of three executive offices and five divisions organized according to transportation function. WisDOT’s main office is located in Madison, but the department maintains regional offices throughout the state as a way to preserve the local approach to transportation development and better serve customer needs. Customers may apply for and self-issue selected single trip and multiple trip permits online without contacting the Oversize/Overweight Permit Unit. OSOW’s current system capabilities allow customers to: Self-issue multiple trip permit type AA (miscellaneous equipment), RF (fruits, vegetables, raw forest products at 90,000 lbs) and RS (raw forest products at 98,000 lbs on at least 6 axles only) •Renew multiple trip permit types AA, RF and RS •Transfer AA, RF or RS permits to new trucks (no fee) •Review a route •Amend existing permits •Apply for single trip permits •Self issue single trip permits at or below these dimensions: 125′ long, 12’ wide, 13’ 6″ high and 120,000 lbs. •View and print issued permits •View your company’s permit history •Maintain account information http://www. dot. wisconsin. ov/about/overview/index. htm http://www. dot. wisconsin. gov/business/carriers/osow-autosys. htm Foreign Related Literature Monitoring System to Provide Assurance for Maintenance of Structures Repair costs of reinforced concrete structures exponentially grow with the time from construction to the onset of corrosion and deterioration, up to inspection, evaluation, repair, and rehabilitation. Therefore, the planning of an automated-monitoring system, which is able to reveal the corrosion risk of steel reinforcement and other embedded items in concrete structures would be a critically important issue.

If concrete structures such as a highway bridge are ignored from regularly planned structural condition surveys, inspections, and evaluations then it could lead to catastrophic failure and loss of life and commerce. Such failures of structures also may lead to significant financial liability. The corrosion potential of steel, whose change could indicate the onset of conditions favorable for corrosion initiation, can be monitored by embedding electrodes in the structure, either for measuring the start of corrosion or simply as a baseline reference for future inspection and evaluation.

Judiciously selected suitable locations of these embedded electrodes depend on the type and geometry of the structure, as well as on the exposure condition of each of its critical structural elements. A computerized system has been in use in Italy for few years. The applications described here are for concrete structures, including one steel structure that is exposed to the sea-breeze on the Adriatic Coast of the City of Ancona, Marche, Italy. The system monitors and documents by means of the embedded electrodes and sends the records to a computer via a communication line data points both for the structure and the weather.

The collected data on the computer are saved on backup files, analyzed, and finally sent via modem to a monitoring station for further processing and dissemination to the architect, engineer, and owner. This structural monitoring procedure has been applied to several concrete structures that are continuously controlled and managed from the monitoring station. These experiences show the effectiveness of the continuously monitored computer system for inspections and evaluations, as well as for scheduling repairs and rehabilitations.

It is important to evaluate the installation of such a structural monitoring system on any infrastructure to minimize the impact of its disruption on public safety, daily commerce, future liability, and maintenance. http://trid. trb. org/view. aspx? id=914892 Local Related Literature Philippines’ ePassport & Issuance system Oberthur Technologies is supplying a full end-to-end e-passport system covering enrollment, issuance, personalization and central information system including biometrics verification (AFIS: Automated Fingerprint

Identification System). The project includes the delivery of ecovers (fully interoperable and compliant with international standards), data page security laminates and other consumables. The main stake holders of the project are DFA who operates the issuing system, BSP who prints and manufactures the blank booklets. Technical support and knowledge transfer regarding personalization of electronic passports and manufacture of electronic booklets is also part of the Pilipinas project.

The system is composed by one central secure personalization site and about 100 enrollment & issuance centers worldwide connected thanks to a high availability information system. Oberthur Technologies respects the environment. The number of printed brochures produced by the company has been signi? cantly reduced to save paper. Printed documents are produced on FSC-certi? ed paper using aqueous inks to reduce environmental impact. Datasheets are available in electronic format only. http://www. oberthurcs. com/UserFiles/File/idPhilipinesE-Passport. pdf



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