International Cement Industry Life Cycle Marketing Essay

To measure the strategically relevant facets of any industry its of import to larn about its dominant characteristics that determine its growing and future mentality. Respectively, to analyze about a companies standing, future growing and success in its ain industry, macro-environment scanning is indispensable. This scanning leads to the determiner of all the possible drive forces involved in determining the companies scheme to continue towards success and sustainability. This study focuses chiefly on the drive forces and there relevancy and impact on two Pakistani companies. The two companies under survey are Lucky Cement and PTCL ( Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited ) . They lie in cement and telecommunication industry severally. A thorough industry profile has been given. An analysis of both Pakistani cement and telecommunication industry has been provided. Cement industry is looked upon from the international prospective every bit good, because Lucky cement operates internationally every bit good. It has been observed that the Cement industry in Pakistan is at a turning phase of its life rhythm whereas the Telecommunication industry is at its adulthood phase. Further a complete company profile has been provided of both organisations foregrounding there mission, vision, nucleus values, merchandises, rivals and accomplishments etc. Detail amplification is provided sing the constructs of driving forces ; what major drive forces are present in an industry ( Emerging new cyberspace capablenesss and applications, Increase in globalisation, Changes in an industry long term growing rate, Changes in who buys the merchandise and how they use it, Product invention, Technology alteration & A ; fabricating procedure invention, Marketing invention, Entry or issue of major houses, Diffusion of proficient know how across more companies and states, Change in cost and efficiency, Reduction in uncertainness and concern hazard, Regulatory influence and authorities policy alterations, Changing social concerns, attitudes and life manners ) , how of import they are in act uponing the overall strategic behaviour of an industry and all the companies present within. Driving forces relevant to each of the companies are identified and discussed. Forces act uponing Lucky cement are different from the forces act uponing PTCL as they are from different industries. Globalization is a common force of alteration as it has impacted the universe concern scenario. Markets have become unfastened and easy handiness to consumerism has increased.


Industries in which the two selected companies viz. : Lucky cement and PTCL prevarication, are the Cement and the Telecommunication industry of Pakistan. Background of both these industry in Pakistani context is highlighted below:

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Cement Industry: The really first clement works installed in this part was at Wah in the twelvemonth 1921. At the clip of Pakistan independency 1947 it fell heir to four cement workss. In 1956 Zeal Pak and Maple Leaf can into being. 1966 observed the entryway of three cement mills installed by the private sector. During the twelvemonth 1976 to 85 cement industry started exporting cement. Year 1972 observed the nationalisation of the cement industry, impeding farther development. In 1972 State Cement Corporation of Pakistan was established. 1977-88 observed the decentalisation of the industrial units ensuing in increasing investings. Attock cement mill was setup in 1981 ensuing in an addition in the figure of production installations in the industry. The twelvemonth 1990 observed the denationalization of the sector because of new authorities reforms. 90 ‘s was a dark epoch for the cement industry as immense losingss were bare by them. To promote development in the industry, authorities in 1996 exempted all revenue enhancements on industrial units which setup in NWFP and Balochistan up till 2001. Price hiking was observed during the twelvemonth 1994-95 as imports increased. 1999-2000 ascertained crisis of inordinate production and low demand because of few developmental undertakings. 2005 onwards exports increased many creases. 2008 observed the highest of all time export per centum.

Telecommunication Industry: Telecommunication in Pakistan began with the Posts & A ; Telegraph Department in1947 and its constitution in 1962. Pakistan Telecommunication corporation known as PTC took control of PTD under the Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Act 1991. By this authorities encouraged private sector engagement and granted licences to cellular, card-operated pay-stations, informations communicating services etc. in 1991 authorities privatized PTCL. Under PTCL reorganisation act 1996, the telecommunication sector in Pakistan was split unto four major organic structures viz. Pakistan Telecommunication company limited ( PTCL ) , Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ( PTA ) , National Telecommunication Corporation ( NTC ) and Frequency Allocation Broad ( FAB ) . In 1994 Mobilink started its operations, a subordinate of Orascom Telecom keeping, being the market leader. Then Ufone in 2001, followed by Telenor and Warid both in 2004. Zong entered the market in 2008.

Industry Profile:

Cement Industry:

Cement industry is a immense industry holding its presence worldwide. The major participants busying the largest market portion are China, India and USA. There several market portions with respect to production capacity 2010 are 54 % , 7 % and 2 % severally. Other cement manufacturers and exporters include Turkey, Brazil, Japan, Iran, Spain, Vietnam holding 2 % market portion and Pakistan, Thailand, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Egypt, Russia, with 1 % market portion.

Following show depicts the life rhythm of cement industry in international market and in Pakistani market.


“ International Cement Industry Life Cycle ”


“ Pakistan Cement Industry Life Cycle ”

By and large cement is used for building intents and is divided into two wide classs based on its belongingss, chiefly Hydraulic and non-Hydraulic. Although the usage of all assortment of cement has changed over recent old ages and merely certain signifiers are still used, but despite that a broad assortment of cement can be created by intermixing different proportions of gypsum, cinder and other stuffs together. Following are the assortment of cement available in the international market: Portland cement, Portland cement blend, Portland blast furnace cement, Portland Fly ash cement, Portland Pozzolan Cement, Portland Silica Fume Cement, Masonry Cement, Expansion Cement, White Blended Cement, Colored Cement, really finely land cement, Pozzolan-line Cement, Slag-lime Cement, Super sulfated cements, Calcium aluminate cements, Calcium sulfoaluminate cements, Natural Cements, Geopolymer cements and Sulphate opposition cement.

Cement industry in Pakistan is a really of import constituent of Pakistan ‘s Industrial sector. It plays a polar function in its socio-economic development. Due to the current roar in industrial and commercial building in Pakistan, the Cement industry is runing at the maximal end product. Despite the big assortment of cement handiness in the international market, Pakistan has been bring forthing merely four types of cements viz. Ordinary Portland cement, Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement, Sulphate Resistance Cement and White Cement.

Following table gives a summarized description of types of cement produced globally and in Pakistan.

Types of Cement

Produced in Pakistan

Produced Globally


Portland cement


Portland cement blend


Portland blast furnace cement


Portland Fly ash cement

Portland Pozzolan Cement


Portland Silica Fume Cement


Masonry Cement


Expansion Cement


White Blended Cement


Colored Cement


really finely land cement


Pozzolan-line Cement


Slag-lime Cement


Super sulfated cement


Calcium aluminate cement


Calcium sulfoaluminate cement


Natural Cements


Geopolymer cement


Sulphate opposition Cement

Pakistani Cement industry is divided into two big parts based on the geographic, viz. Northern and Southern part. Overall, the industry comprises of 29 cement bring forthing houses. 19 units are portion of the Northern part and 10 units are portion of Southern. The mean production capacity of the industry is 44.09 million dozenss. The northern part is responsible for 80 % of the production capacity i.e 35.18 million dozenss while the southern part is responsible for the staying 20 % i.e 8.89 million dozenss. Cement domestic market demand is of 19 million dozenss. Out of the 29 houses 6 occupy the major market portion of the industry. Not all houses manufacture the four types of cement available in the domestic market. Following is the domestic market portion distribution analysis.

Following are the Salient characteristics of the Pakistani Cement Industry:

Oligopolistic Competition exists in the Pakistani cement industry, but trust formations are besides witnessed.

In industry, Cement monetary values are similar, no obvious instead small merchandise distinction.

Barriers to entry are less.

Industry is turning therefore high growing opportunities and high investing chance.

Both demand and supply forces are strong.

APCMA: All Pakistan Cement Manufacturing Association established in 1992 is the regulative organic structure of cement industries in Pakistan.

Pakistani cement industry histories for being the 5th largest exporter of the universe.

Cement exports are ranked tenth in the Pakistan export constituents list.

Export markets of Pakistan cement industry include Afghanistan, India, African states, Middle Eastern counties and Iraq.

Per Capita ingestion of cement in Pakistan has increased well over the recent old ages. It has increased two creases from 75kg in year 2003 to 145kg in year 2011. Overall universe norm ingestion is 270kg.

Major leagues sectors of Pakistan which demand cement usage include Housing/building sector holding 40 % demand, Private edifice building sector, Government development undertakings like dikes, roads etc.

Factors holding an important consequence on the local demand of cement in Pakistan include Increase in population growing, urbanisation, lessening in involvement rate, political and economical stableness and seasonal fluctuations.

Pakistan Cement industry has seen experienced considerable growing since last decennary due to increase no of new development undertakings both is public and in private sector. Growth rate was 2.9 % from1990-2001 and is 20 % since 2003-2010.

Industry has n’t reached economic sciences of graduated table.

Current Senario And Future Outlook: For the past four old ages or so Pakistan cement industry has experienced dead gross revenues ensuing in fiscal losingss but it shortly bounced back late with earning net net income of Rs 4.300 million in the first half of 2011 and 2012. Harmonizing to the recent studies there are shown record degrees of domestic gross revenues and exports with additions every bit much as 8.84 % and 3.45 % severally. Domestic gross revenues of cement are likely to boom and stay consistent as the federal budget 2012-2013 has lowered the excise responsibility to Rs 200 per ton and GST by 1 % . Furthermore cement demand in Pakistan is forecasted to increase by 20 % in approaching old ages as major development undertakings are in grapevine both funded by authorities and private sector e.g mega H2O and power undertaking including Diamer Bhash multipurpose and two Chashma atomic power undertakings and 56 lodging and work undertakings under Public Sector Development Program etc.

Telecommunication Industry:

Telecommunication industry in Pakistan flourished during the denationalization in 90 ‘s. The current industry life rhythm is depicted as follows:

Turning: stopping point to adulthood

“ Pakistan Telecommunication Industry Life Cycle ”

Although the Telecommunication industry is at the adulthood phase around the universe, in Pakistan it is still turning and is close to adulthood. The ground being, all the industry sections are non to the full targeted and latest engineering handiness across Pakistan is still no achieved yet.

Telecom industry of Pakistan is divided into six sections viz. Cellular, Fixed/ Land Line, Fixed wireless local cringle ( WLL ) , Payphones, Voice Over IP, Internet sector ( Cable cyberspace and Dial up, Broadband & A ; DSL, Wireless connexions, WiMAX ( Wireless internet entree ) .

Following are the Salient characteristics of Pakistani Telecommunication industry:

High dickering power of the client exists as there is low or no exchanging cost.

Entry into the industry is hard as there ‘s a cut pharynx competition.

High care cost.

Fast engineering alteration and hazard of out datedness.

Approximately 91 % of the Pakistani population has entree to the telecommunication services.

Harmonizing to recent studies the entire Tele-density of Pakistan cellular, landline and Wireless local cringle ( WLL ) is 72.1 % .

Tele-density besides referred to as telephone denseness is the no. of telephone connexions for every hundred persons populating within a specified country.

Cellular sector portion 56 % of the entire industry gross.

Telecommunication industry portion 2 % of the states GDP.

PTCL has 90 % portion in the land line market.

Following pie chart shows the telecom sector volume distribution in the industry 2009-2010.

Following tabular array shows addition in the Telecommunication industries part to Pakistan ‘s GDP.

Telecom Sector Revenues ( In Rs Billion )

Time period


Local Loop










Current Senario And Future Outlook: The telecom sector is the major subscriber to authorities grosss as since the last decennary, it has showed growing and advancement because of deregulating and denationalization of the sector. The last three years have hindered its rapid growing, due to investing deficit, as the Economic study 2011-12 of Pakistan showed that investings decreased by 56.4 % i.e they are $ 496.8 million in financial twelvemonth 2010-11 as compared to $ 1,137.5 million in 2009-2010. This lessening in investing is due to the deficit of grosss of the cellular operators because of tough competition in the industry, which has made investor cautious to put more capital. The foreign direct investing decreased by 78.9 % during financial twelvemonth 2010-11. Although the grosss generated by the companies in telecom sector has increased by 5.4 % during last twelvemonth but the cost on substructure, spread outing coverage countries and service betterments are rather high. The FDI can be encouraged if the authorities takes involvement and supply 3G/4G engineering licences, which are pending for some piece now. Even states like Nepal, Sri Lanka and India have introduced these engineerings ensuing in immense GDP additions and socio-economic development. 159 states around the universe provide 3G/4G engineering. There is a immense market of nomadic telephone and nomadic wide trade name in Pakistan, as there is immense growing in population. PTA has depicted that broadband incursion will make 10 endorsers per 100 dwellers by 2020, touching about 78 million users, doing it a moneymaking market. Current coverage of telecommunication industry is covering 70 % of entire Pakistan ‘s population which is expected to increase up to 85 % in following 3 old ages.

Company Profile:

Lucky Cement:

Lucky Cement Limited is sponsored by Yunus Brothers Group ( YB Group ) , one of the largest concern groups of the state, based in Karachi and Pezu ( NWFP ) , has grown unusually over the last 50 old ages. Lucky Cement rose in 1996. They have the largest cement production with a production capacity of 7.75 million dozenss. LCL besides the first exporter and Pakistan ‘s largest cement is loose and the lone cement maker bear downing and storage terminus at Karachi. Other sole characteristics that allow cement fortunate to stand before its rival is the transit fleet of 77 bulkers every bit good as two ship stevedores.

Merchandises: Lucky Cement now produces five trade names of cement:

Lucky Cement.

Lucky Star.

Lucky gold.


Lucky Sulphate resistant cement ( SRC )

Vision: Lucky Cement envisions to be the leader of the cement industry in Pakistan, and wants to place and work new chances in the planetary market, and contributed to industrial advancement and sustainable hereafter, while being responsible corporate citizens.

Mission: Lucky Cements mission to be premium cement maker by constructing a professional organisation, a technologically state-of-the-art, and placing new clients around the universe to make and keep the service quality criterions to provide to the demands of the international building with an environment-friendly attack.

Core values:

Customer Focused: By supplying quality, consistent and just processs.

Entrepreneurship: by being proactive and indentifying chances.

Social Duty: by supplying sustainable development.

Ethical motives and Integrity: by being unsloped and dependable.

Invention: conveying originative solutions and puting tendencies.

Excellence: by supplying benchmark patterns and uninterrupted betterment.

Business scheme: Lucky Cement believes in:

Retentions and increasing their local dominant.

Increasing their portion of international market by spread outing their skyline and their work is non everyday resource markets.

Cost and energy efficiency.

Sustainable development attempts.

HR excellence by fostering our human capital.

Rival: DG Khan Cement, Maple Leaf Cement, Fauji Cement, Best Way Cement and all the little manufacturers and exported of cement in Pakistan.

Accomplishments: Lucky Cement has been awarded as the Top Gross saless, Income revenue enhancement Payer, Exporter and Imported. They were besides awarded with National CSR Excellence Award, Brand of the Year Award and Annual Environment Excellence Award.

PTCL ( Pakistan telecommunication Ltd ) :

PTCL is the largest telecommunications supplier in Pakistan. PTCL besides continues to be the largest CDMA-operator in the state with 0.8 million V-Fone clients. The company maintains a prima place in Pakistan as an substructure of other operators and corporate clients across the state.

Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation ( PTC ) took over the operations and maps from Pakistan Telephone and Telegraph Department under Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Act 1991. This coincided with the competition policy of the authorities to promote the private sector and as a consequence of the issue of licences for Mobile, payment cards, telephones, paging and, more late, the information communicating services.

In 1995, the Pakistan Telecommunication ( reorganisation ) of the order signifier the footing of PTCL monopoly over basic telephone in the state. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited was formed and listed on all stock exchanges in Pakistan. PTCL launched its Mobile and information services subordinates in 2001 and the name of Ufone and PakNet severally.

Initially, one of the province corporations ( SOEs ) , PTCL interest was reduced to ~ 62 % , when 26 % of the portions, and the control was sold to Etisalat Telecommunications and the staying 12 % to the populace in 2006 under the denationalization plan intensify.

PTCL has laid Fibre ocular entree web in the major urban centres of Pakistan and the local rhythm began modernized and upgraded from Cu to optical web. For long distance and international parties to the substructure capacity of two SEA-ME-WE pigboat overseas telegram is being expanded to run into the turning demand for international conveyance.

Vision: The vision of PTCL to be the prima information and communications engineering services in the part by accomplishing client satisfaction and maximal ‘value ‘ stockholders.

Mission: PTCL wants to accomplish this vision, which are: organisational environment that Fosters professionalism, motive and quality of the environment, that is cost-efficient and quality-conscious, service, based on the most optimum engineerings, “ Quality ” and “ Time ” witting client service, sustained gross growing and profitableness.

Core values:


Customer Satisfaction.


Company trueness


Wire line operations

Fixed service line through the CDMA WLL based ( Wireless Local Loop ) web, branded VFone

Internet section, fixed broadband entree over ordinary Cu wire and FTTC and wireless broadband engineering EVDO Rev A, B, C engineering hallmark EVO

3G check.

Cellular section, the 2nd largest cellular supplier in Pakistan, Ufone GSM-based 800/1900 engineering, besides a subordinate of PTCL.

The universe ‘s first commercial HD TV services based on IP-TV services under the trade name Smart Television and supervising and place dismay over broadband under iSentry trade name.

Submarine overseas telegram web: SEA-ME-WE 3, SEA-ME-WE 4, I-ME-WE.

Rivals: Internet Service Suppliers: Wateen, Wi folk, World Call. Mobile companies: Warid, Telenor, Zong, Mobilink. Etc.

Accomplishments: 2012 / PTCL connects distant Balochistan through it Vphone radio service, awarded 3RD Global Award Excellence, ESRI Special Achievement in GIS ( geographic information system ) . etc

Functional Description:

Driving forces make industries flexible, because the life force behind the wheel of industry participants ( client, provider or rival ) is to pull off their programs and actions. These drivers cause an industry to alter, to come up with plausible environment. It has a large influence on how the industry landscape will be changed.

Driving forces analysis: Its of import as it helps in finding what type of drivers are? , analysing their impulse consequence on the industry, finding which type of scheme should be developed and should hold a positive consequence on the overall strength of the industry?

Emerging applications of the Internet: Using Internet engineerings helps many industries and companies, and it creates chances and helps the industry to take advantage of all chances. Here we are in a technological age, where everything is available on the Internet. In a concern context, the usage of the Internet plays an of import function. Merchandises industry ever has a great system of the value concatenation, hence, more hard to supervise the overall value concatenation. Suppose, if the industrial end product to your Internet services available, it helps her to one of the undermentioned ways:

Increased usage of the Internet and the velocity & gt ; Growth in online shop, Companies utilizing on-line engineering, work closely with providers and streamline its supply concatenation, Manufacturer & gt ; website & gt ; direct clients, All Business & gt ; geographical enlargement, The Internet allows the client- & gt ; Power, to research the scope of merchandises and to shop in the market the best monetary value, The ability of consumer to download music from the Internet has changed the traditional retail music

Increasing Globalization: Industry is traveling towards globalisation. Businesss with long-run scheme can travel from regional & gt ; National & gt ; transnational & gt ; International & gt ; Globalization ( worldwide ) . Global competition begins, and it allows a concern to increase their presence in each market, otherwise it will hold to turn off your concern. Production activity transportation / migrate to other states where there is a low production cost. Global competition rises between market leaders and market followings.

Globalization is go oning as it be seen an increased client and their demands in different states, Government measures to cut down trade barriers. Europe, Latin America and Asia, Significant alterations in the cost of labour – & gt ; location of workss, for illustration, China, India, Singapore, Mexico, the U.S. , Germany and Japan, where there is inexpensive labour costs, Achieving economic systems of graduated table is really hard, because the company ‘s rivals to sell their merchandises in many states.

Changes in the industry long-run growing: This is one of the chief drive forces of the industry. Offset industry growing up or down is a impulsive force for alteration in the industry, and it affects different sectors of supply and client demand. Entering and go forthing the competition in the industry, besides affects the growing rate. To changeless growing of the industry should come up with a flexible strategic end and set difficult attempts to run into it. It is ever of import for the industry to hold a strategic program to accomplish long-run growing, because merely the presence is non of import, but holding the stableness is critical every bit good.

Changes in who buys the merchandise and how they use it: This is of import for the industry term target their market in conformity with the purchaser demographics. Changes in client demands affect the image or replacement merchandises or differentiated merchandises. Industry needs to hold information about their clients, every bit good as on how the market will respond if there is a demand for alteration in the merchandise industry should add characteristics to the merchandise to keep its being, the purchaser.

Advanced merchandise: This is one of the cardinal constructs of selling. Invention means to come up with originative / advanced merchandise. This is a cardinal driving force forcing the industry tendency up or down, because we know, the construct of the innovators became innovators will ever be either favourable or unfavourable to the industry once more depends on the house ‘s scheme devising.

Change in engineering and invention of the production procedure: Changes in engineering could take the industry to alter its concern processes dramatically. Technology changes a attendant impact on the industry value concatenation, we assume that the industry caused a alteration in engineering has to alter its production procedure through the acceptance of advanced engineerings and procedure alterations finally change the supply concatenation in the industry.

Marketing Invention: The successful organisation ever comes up with assorted selling tools in order to keep bing clients and new clients by run intoing their demands. Let the industry credence of advertisement ( one of the selling tools ) to advance their merchandise, the industry should publicize it so that it ‘s right to pull a purchaser. Attach feelings purchasers, emotions and values aˆ‹aˆ‹in the merchandise ascription.

Entry or issue of big houses: Sometimes it is an chance for the industry to be in and out of big houses, because the entry of the company, who drive their rivals will greatly act upon the industry The end product of the large houses are besides really of import.

The airing of proficient know-how: Basically it is a house that has a high quality of expertness has a comparative advantage over their rivals. Know-how accomplishments are frequently urged to industry, which is capital intensive and that has more on the footing of engineering ( machines ) . Know how to ever necessitate accomplishments in the industry of car, tyres, consumer electronics, telecommunications and computing machines. Technology transportation has become one of the most of import drive force in the globalized selling and competition.

Changes in cost and efficiency: It is ever of import for the industry have the advantage of low cost provider. When it comes to the intent of any concern intent, everyone has a low cost of production and efficiency. Production on the economic system of graduated table is acceptable. E-tailing can hold a lower cost in comparing to the brick-and-mortar retail merchants.

Turning purchaser penchants differentiated merchandises instead than trade good merchandises: This is ever in favour of the house, which has a loyal client or trade name consciousness. In order to maintain loyal clients of the company should hold to come up with differentiated merchandises alternatively of the commercial merchandise. Changes in consumer penchants change the form of behaviour as a purchaser retaining and pulling new being can be profitable for the house.

Decrease of uncertainnesss and concern hazards: The job of uncertainness and concern hazard is ever in any sort of concern. The political factor affects so many concern houses to hazards and uncertainnesss. Industry must happen their concern operations, where there is less uncertainness. New growing countries, of class, face the job of unproved cost construction, a batch of uncertainness with the possible size of the market, how much clip and money required for engineering acceptance. Competition in the international market is besides affected by the lower hazards to the concern and industry uncertainness.

Regulating consequence and alterations in public policy: The function of the province regulators can frequently do important alterations in industry patterns and policy attacks. The function of SBP ( State Bank of Pakistan ) in the fiscal market of Pakistan is really of import. When the SBP will denote alterations in pecuniary policy, it is really demoing the industry to alter its in production. If the garden is on an expansionary pecuniary policy, it truly wants to spread out the money supply will turn the economic system and promote foreign investors to put in Pakistan.

Change in societal issues, relationships, and life style: Social issues and the alterations in attitude and life style is a powerful index of the industry alterations. We know that society plays a critical function in any concern context. We as citizens of Karachi are after the Western civilization and, hence, to do our industry to alter the traditional manner of life in the Western manner of life.

Relevant Literature:

To understand the subject at manus and to pull consequences from our industry analysis and company broad information we need to specify what driving forces are. For this purpose many definition from assorted beginnings have been compiled and the construct is summarized.

Relevant literature has been obtained from assorted beginnings. Google was the most outstanding beginning. Business recording equipment web site enlightened about the current tendencies. Company websites were besides consulted to acquire one-year studies. Industrial information was obtained from FBR and State Bank websites to obtain economic studies. Strategic direction book by Strickland was besides consulted for apprehension of the Driving forces.

Driving forces are termed as cardinal internal and external forces that shape the hereafter of any organisation. External forces may be termed as economic system, engineering, rivals etc and internal forces being the organisations work force, civilization, processes etc. They are besides termed as the force behind something in gesture i.e the industry change/ traveling towards specific direction/ remaining competitive.- InvestorWords

Driving forces are besides termed as the primary clincher of the range of the hereafter merchandises and markets- fundamentally determine the organisation ‘s scheme. They are the most dominant factors in act uponing the most of import determinations in question.- Tregoe and Zimmerman.

Analysis AND Presentation:

Driving forces relevant to Lucky Cement:

Addition of Globalization: Lucky Cement entered into a joint venture to do an investing in a major international undertaking, non to spread out and diversify its concern in local undertakings. It was a joint venture with the cement workss in the DR Congo, Africa and Iraq. Machinery and equipment for a undertaking in Africa was organized by the European provider. Demand for Pakistani cement on the high side in Africa and Lucky Cement attempted to prehend this chance with both custodies. It besides helped him to salvage logistics costs of cement export in Africa. In Iraq, the war on terrorist act, Lucky Cement has given an chance to set a works at that place, and because the metropolis is in demand of redevelopment. This led to higher gross. Lucky Cement besides acquired ICI Pakistan. Three houses have expressed concern the purchase ICI ; Lucky Cement, Nishat Mills Limited and Fajr Capital Dubai ICorp. Of these, Lucky Cement lucky plenty to take on the Lucky Cement. ICI is Pakistan ‘s most well-thought-of companies, and it can pull some of the best alumnuss most superior highest in industry.

Merchandise and market invention: Lucky Cements public presentation and high quality of its merchandises is through the usage of state-of-the-art engineerings and fabrication procedures. Their end is to bring forth lasting merchandises that are easy to utilize and supply extra value to our clients. To offer customized solutions to our clients, we are invariably puting in the development and betterment of merchandises in the field of cement, concrete and edifice stuffs. We as a well established company can trust on their ain research sections, every bit good as the experience and expertness of our engineering subordinate Lucky cement. With the transportation of cognition, comparing and public presentation optimisation, every bit good as the debut of the alleged best pattern solutions across the group, invention and new engineerings can be implemented rapidly, ensuing in improved merchandises and procedures for the benefit of our clients around the universe.

Change of Technology And Innovation Production Process: Mining, oppressing and grinding of natural stuff processes that are involved in the production of cement. Further, these procedures include calcimine stuffs in a rotary kiln, cinder chilling, blending cinder with gypsum, milling, storage and packaging of finished cement. Limestone is mined from a nearby prey and so transported to the shit. It is so turns to the desired size and mix in big stocks. More stuffs needed to convey it into the right form, so added.

This mixture is so converted into a all right pulverization, which is so stored in big blending silos. Then powdered coal in a coal crusher and land to a pulverization in the coal factory. This is used to heat the warmer. Then the natural stuff comes in silos and is heated before it enters the furnace. A cement factory, gypsum and other additives and natural stuffs are added and land to do the concluding signifier of cement.

Invention market: Good dealingss with adjacent states, particularly India and Afghanistan will make new market chances for Lucky Cement to utilize the full potency of the market for used cement workss. Pakistan presently has 42 million dozenss of cement production capacity, but due to low demand in the state, its usage is low and about 70 per centum of the workss are in the loss. The demand for Pakistan to India has increased, because the quality of the cement was higher than that produced in the state, and monetary values were comparatively low. It was besides utile to take a cement works in the Indian market because of logistical advantage that it was acquiring into Sri Lanka and Africa has besides proved attractive to the emerging markets of Pakistani cement and Lucky Cement to set workss in the Congo and Iraq. Cement industry besides face challenges in the state, because it was a deficiency of undertakings of societal development and building activities in the state has been slow. The cost of making concern was besides high due to lifting energy monetary values. Energy monetary values is the chief cost of cement works, so if the cost of energy will go on to turn and it will hold a direct impact on the cost of cement, excessively.

Emerging new characteristics and cyberspace usage: As the demand of the concern is turning every twenty-four hours, Lucky Cement has taken personal information direction system, to supply concern solutions that are effectual and efficient. Management squad Lucky Cement has played an of import function in the developent of the procedure and to run into the turning challenges. Lucky Cement is besides converted to an advanced version of Oracle 10G, in order to supply a new interface for their proprietary package faculties. This twelvemonth, they have besides focused on the mechanization of concern procedures in their workss for the effectual operation of procedures.

Energy Efficiency: To accomplish a sustainable hereafter, a good concern is to concentrate on energy efficiency. Lucky Cement has taken legion stairss to guarantee that energy nest eggs. They have reduced C dioxide emanations, utilizing the current province of the heat recovery works to bring forth them. This works gives them the right to carbon credits. Now they are be aftering to present tyre Dervied fuel than the usage of coal. This undertaking is a waste recycling works Restoration undertaking type of value added in the cement sector, because it contains the same sum of energy as oil and 25 per centum more energy than coal.

Changes in the industry long-run growing rate: Pakistan cement sector coverage with fleshy places associated with convincing estimations, domestic demand growing chances, better pricing and easing monetary value force per unit areas. Higher public sector development plan allotment in FY-12 led to a resurgence in domestic demand of cement and general elections to be held in 2013, the demand is likely to travel higher. The rise in monetary values for cement and balanced growing of its demand is demoing its increasing force per unit area value. Coal monetary values have fallen by 17 % , while the installing of alternate ways of energy supply can increase borders farther cement sector more.

4.2 Driving forces relevant to PTCL:

Emerging applications of the Internet: Over the past two decennaries, is invariably germinating information and contact engineerings ( ICT ) replaced as a accelerator for the universe to develop new and greater chances, back uping the economic system, bettering wellness attention by giving information and instruction, every bit good as the growing of our vision and vision. PTCL has more than three million fixed land line users and about one million broadband users in more than a 1000 metropoliss across Pakistan. PTCL as turning broadband telecommunications giant originating in Pakistan with its modern and advanced film editing border EVO 3G radio broadband, which provides high mobility and fast radio cyberspace available to the multitudes of Pakistan. PTCL is now making countries where other webs are non. PTCL with its great new merchandises, such as broadband and EVO become the largest market of broadband clients in Pakistan in the shortest sum of clip, which is three old ages. It is because the dedicated staff and thoughts PTCL. Fastest turning telecom companies in Pakistan PTCL to open up 3G-wireless broadband services in Pakistan besides introduced the first film editing border universe EVDO REV-B commercial web. PTCL has besides introduced activate 3g smart phones with touch EVODROID NFly with tab EVO expand advanced broadband services, the free flow of informations and balanced entree to engineering for all sections of Pakistani.

Changes in the industry long-run growing: The telecommunications sector is one of the possible countries that remain a critical provider to the Pakistani economic system, therefore lending to Rs 363 billion in the current 2012, and it shows an addition of 5.4 per centum over the old twelvemonth. Harmonizing to the study of the economic system of Pakistan 2011-2012 invested more than $ 12 billion to go on the proviso of substructure in the last six old ages.

PTCL has a 90 – 95 per centum market portion in the sector broadband DSL, which is an addition by 17 per centum this twelvemonth. PTCL wants to spread out its DSL-services in an attempt to better Pakistan as one of the most dynamic economic systems in the universe in footings of cyberspace centre. PTCL is dedicated to diverse portfolio of merchandises, competitory monetary value compared with others, and is up to 50 Mbps, which covers both urban and rural communities to run into their demands. Harmonizing to a senior executive vice-president is relevant to observe here that this broadband development has been achieved through the recession old ages, while the norm of the GDP has less than 4 % each twelvemonth. This is even more phenomenal thought about what he is presently the domestic merchandise, ie one connexion serves the whole household. Normal Pakistani household has 6.2 fellow norm, which is stored in 29 million families, so that the existent meeting more.

Advanced Merchandise: Invention is the demand in the industry. To spread out the content of this factor PTCL as the largest company in the industry introduced a assortment of advanced merchandises. He presented the wireless Internet entree in Pakistan, which is called the PTCL 3G EVO, which covers 250 metropoliss across Pakistan. Now PTCL launches 3G PTCL EVO Tab, which is the first 3G Android Smartphone Pakistan alleviation tablet that has built EVO radio broadband services, which supports double save to EV-DO and GSM / CDMA webs.

Changes in who buys the merchandise and how they use it: PTCL was originally merely a phone line, which was used as voice calls, but now PTCL more merchandises than of all time before. PTCL established clients in general by presenting engineerings in the state. PTCL is now in broadband Internet concern, Smart TV, Vfone, smartphones, tablets, and more. With the promotion of tech, PTCL has improved its merchandises and services to capture the market and give their best to their clients. Currently, 95 % portion in the market of broadband Internet entree, which is a great accomplishment PTCL. Now PTCL clients along with voice-only calls can take advantage of different services that offer PTCL.

Change in engineering and invention of the production procedure: Promotion in engineering can alter your industry. With the alteration in the telecommunications industry PTCL made legion investings in substructure advancement and added web capacity to advance services and increase its apprehension of the state. Market in Pakistan is highly competitory and PTCL has the largest countrywide set of accomplishments Web substructure, covering shift, transmittal, fiber ocular lines, co-location and planetary capacity.

This gives a alone place in PTCL words offering single clients. From a proficient point of position, PTCL allocated optical fibre entree web in the chief capital metropoliss of Pakistan and on the other manus local cringle services began to be reorganized and improved the optical web for optical webs from traditional Cu. PTCL, has to boot authorized the understanding along with Huawei Technologies Pakistan and Hewlett Packard ( HP ) jointly raise the Network Center operations endeavor, that the current province of a system mistake sensing and declaration techniques. This procedure should originate a process for the chief centre, and three local webs, along with the execution of signaling associations across the PTCL web in a summarized signifier.

Marketing Invention: Selling Innovation involves methods that expand the industry demands. Due to the broad promotion and lower duties for all services PTCL expand its market demand. Narrow analysis of duties and survey major telephone operators working around the universe, including developed and under developed states, was held in the selling section of PTCL back in 2003 and 2004. This analysis resulted in a important decrease in fees and charges for the twelvemonth. Line rental, installing charges, national and international telephone duties and rates Internet bandwidth is besides reduced to capture the market and be competitory. Huge selling run, which was based on the scheme of the acknowledgment of the mark audience and advertisement media that are created first-class consequences were started in urban and rural colonies in order to pull the largest possible figure of consumers. The usage of scientific research establishments, overseas telegram Television and DSL market study estimates PTCL besides gathered client feedback, it was to take client sentiment.


Interpretation drawn from this survey is that driving forces act as alteration agents in steering an industry way. Hence all companies in that specific industry must place these drivers and hence program consequently for their future way i.e explicating a strategic action program. The companies who are successful in making so achieve an border over its challengers and prolong a dominant place in the industry.

Here both PTCL and Lucky Cement are dominant participants in their several industries. Their success being able to hold on industry alteration agents and program consequently. They have maneuvered harmonizing to industry alterations and are expecting future advancement. They have strategized their processed and are traveling in a right way to accomplish their mission and hence vision.

Driving forces vary from industry to industry. Globalization here is a common drive force. The demand for concerns to spread out and capitalise on their strengths is of import. No 1 can win in isolation.


Companies in cement sector can choose for backward integrating and go their ain provider of good quality autochthonal coal, which is imported at a higher cost from states like Indonesia, China and South Africa, to minimise energy cost.

Further cement industry can unwrap into bring forthing some more assortments of cements and make out to the un-tap markets in the international sphere.

PTCL should concentrate on bettering its services, to prolong its competitory border and new merchandise demands e.g they can better the signal job encountered by there V-phone users. Signals strength is a concern for PTCL, as they are non available is all parts of Karachi.

As there is deficiency of research and development civilization in Pakistan ‘s telecom sector, PTCL can originate this civilization by constructing engineering locally.


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