Laksa: Water and Chicken

Laksa is one of my favourite food. . Laksa is an Asian soup dish, popular in Singapore and Malaysia. Most authentic Asian restaurants prepare it. It’s deliciously spicy and hot enough to have some bite, but won’t rip your head off. To make authentic tasting laksa is very easy, takes about 20 minutes, and the outcome suprising me. You can use whatever meat or seafood you like with this dish. I usually prepare it with chicken, because it’s quick, tasty and easily available.

All you need are one large chicken breast, one 440 g can of coconut milk, one half of chicken stock, one packet of Asian Home Gourmet Singapore Laksa Paste, vegetable oil, and one packet of noodles. Firstly, a chicken is allow to thaw slightly then it is sliced into wafer thin bite size pieces with a sharp knife. By the time you are ready to stir fry, the chicken will be thawed. I recommend cutting it while semi frozen because it’s easier to get that wafer thin effect. Next, a splash of oil is added to a hot wok and a chicken is stirred fried until cooked.

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I stir fry the chicken in three separate lots so the chicken cooks quickly and does not get too much water in it. Chicken is set aside and heat is turn off temporarily. After that, a kettle is filled with water and boil. You will use this boiling water to soak the rice noodles. One tablespoon of oil vegetable is added to the wok, and the paste is stirred fried for about 2 minutes. This releases all the flavours of the Laksa Paste. Your stove heat is leaved on low while you do this as you do not want the paste to burn. Then, the can of coconut milk is added to the wok, it is mixed in the paste and it is bring to the boil.

One half cups of chicken stock is added as soon as it boils, and it is bring to boil again. It is then turn down to a low heat as soon as it boils and is let simmer for ten minutes. Grab a large bowl, empty the contents of your rice noodles into it and kettle of boiling water is poured over the noodles. The rice noodles will soften. You can also use a fork to separate them. The noodles is strained and set aside to serve when ten minutes is up. A minute or two before the ten minutes simmering has expired on your laksa soup, the chicken is threw into the soup to warm it. The temperature is increased if you need to, to heat the chicken through.



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