Cyp Core 3.5

Evidence Sheet Candidate: Joanna Porter Evidence: 05 Date: 18/04/11 1 Observation by Assessor| | 2 Expert WitnessEvidence| | 3 Witness Testimony| | 4 Candidate Review| | 5 Professional Discussion| | 6 Oral or Written Questions| | 7 Other| | 8 APL | | Description of Evidence| | The importance of building positive relationships with YP’s is so you can provide the best possible care, effective safeguarding and to show that positive relationships can be formed without that person wanting anything in return.

One of the ways that I build positive relationships with YP’s is by getting them involved in the chooses that they have on a weekly basis like the menus, activities and the YP meetings. I feel that being honest as much as you can be and always being consistent in your manner and attitude and treating all the YP’s equally with your time and attention and always honouring your responsibilities with the YP’s and if not explaining to the YP why it has not been done.

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I have supervision every month with a team leader which gives me time and space to effectively reflect on my work personally and with all the YP’s and to see what worked well for me and what I need to work on and I also get to ask the team leader what they have thought about my work and what areas they noticed that I need to work on and what I need to change.

This is also the perfect opportunity for me to set my own personal goals because I am always striving to better myself in many ways. The importance in building positive relationships with colleagues and multi agency professionals is to provide the best possible care and help the YP and to do so then it may be possible to involve agencies and the common goal for all concerned is the YP.

In order to build a positive relationship you could have team meetings, joint training activities and valuing and respecting others contributions. I find that having a good sense of humour and actively listening also work well. | | Product Evidence GeneratedPlease indicate which have been seen by assessor (initial and date) | Status| Name| Signature| Date| Candidate| | | | Assessor| | | | Witness| | | | Other| | | |



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