3.04 free from fear Essay

October 7, 2017 General Studies

Above all are bravery we all have faced fear whether it be decease. fright of the dark. or speaking to a crush. We all put on a forepart that we are courageous and we are non afraid of anything. It all comes down the truth. There’s wars out in the universe today and we all have are fear of them but we have people seeking to edify us demoing there’s nil to fear. Such as Obama and Theodore Roosevelt’s addresss yet they might be far apart in old ages they both come down to the bottom line of fright and get the better ofing it every bit good. Although there rich and we are hapless we both have fright within are nucleus. Let’s non seek to merely set on a forepart but become unafraid of what might go.

Indeed there are many things to fear in this universe the dark might lay eyes on a certain person in which may be a figure of your imaginativeness or a large scary teddy bear in that corner of yours. Yet there’s truly nil at that place to fear. So why sit under the covers with a torch and conceal yourself from the truth that there’s truly nil “to fright but fright itself” as Theodore Roosevelt said. Don’t be afraid of decease or that truly cunning cat in your category that you borrowed a pencil to and titter yourself to kip at dark. The universe holds the Truth. the dark is merely the enemy in which is are imaginativeness of are fear.

Meanwhile some of us are populating in poorness with are deficiency of professional working in a McDonald’s parking batch or functioning a tabular array with a dollar tip. While some of us are turn overing in the dough in which we call money because we work at a high dollar house or we might be caput of investigator at a constabulary section. Why is this we say because some of us were excessively afraid to prosecute onto montage because we had a fright of failure or going something we wish non to be? Yet expression at us now populating tip to tip. pay cheque to pay look into isn’t that adequate failure as is. While we watch our category mates in there exchangeable because they decided to prosecute onto montage but that doesn’t mean they have no fright. They have to conceal their money because people might rob them or even kill them for their money or even there top dollar place at their occupation. So possibly Obama was incorrect or possibly he was right about “pursuing felicity requires populating free from fear” . It all comes down to no affair what determination you make there’s ever traveling to be a fright of non acquiring measures paid or non experiencing to procure at your ain place. So why be afraid of the hereafter when there’s no manner out of what might go.

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As has been said. let’s non be afraid of what’s traveling to go of us. Let us merely fear our ain fright as Theodore said “That the lone thing we have to fear is fear itself. Besides lets pursue are dreams and non be afraid of what it all might take up to. because that might merely be the rode to happiness as Obama said “ pursuing felicity requires populating free from fear” . In which we must populate on are lives non fear anything but itself. that besides means we must non even fear ourselves because so we will be afraid of whom we might go. It all comes down to whether you are rich or hapless there’s ever traveling to be fear and there’s ever traveling to be failure so unrecorded on your life without fright following you back to endorse.


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