3.4 Staffs needs to ensure that their

Evaluate how own records reports provide evidence for the basis of judgements and decisions
It’s important that the setting hold accurate, clear reports and reports on all the staff and students. These records contain personal information such as names, address, doctors, and some may even contain sensitive information. All the information the setting holds on each staff member, child and parents are held in accordance with the data protection act.

Staff need to ensure that the information that they have observed and recorded are accurate and clear as they could be needed to be called upon in a legal hearing such as child protection hearing. This would be classed as evidence in this case.
Staffs needs to ensure that their records are concise and accurate when it comes to planning, as the information that they record provides evidence to help them write accurate reports at the end of each term, especially in pre-school. By providing the accurate information that the staff have recorded it allows the staff to do planning based on the children’s current skills and how to develop their skills within the planning, it will allow staff to offer support to the children in certain areas. The information also needs to be accurate as when the children go to school these records are sent on with the parent’s permission to the school that the child will be attending. These records allow the teachers to gain a better understanding of where the child is when they start school.

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The reports that the staff will produce can also be used to determine if we as a setting need to get outside agencies involved such as S.A.L.T, social services, educational physiologist. If we did need to get outside agencies involved we would gain parents’ permission, with the exception of social services.
The manager must also keep all her records up to date, because if CSSIW arrive they ask to see evidence from the setting and this needs to accurate and up to date as it allows them and other local authority to inspect and make decisions to weather the setting has met the requirements and standards that have been set, and if they decide the setting hasn’t met these they will say what recommendations are needed and give a timescale for the recommendations.

Any information that the setting produce needs to reviewed regularly and update if they need to be, this includes any information on staff and children.




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