3 day intake

May 1, 2018 Health

The results from my three day intake some of the food s in my recorded daily intake that provided protein were bananas, burrito, Popeye’s chicken, pizza hut stuffed crust, whole milk, spitz sunflower seeds, Cheeseburger, chocolate muffin just about everything I ate had protein in it my Carbohydrates were hand and hand with my protein the list was the same as for the lips it was also pretty close to the others my food intake is nothing close to the Dri mine were way above the standard I can improve by cutting out all the fast food its killing me according to DRI and I need to drink a lot more water or foods with more moisture.

I eat more complete proteins but really lack the incomplete this is important to know because there needs to be a good balance between the two one shouldn’t be too far away from the other not being this way could cause some serious health issues high cholesterol obesity and even death.

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I was very surprised by my numbers I received because I’ve never really thought about what I ate until now my carbohydrates protein and lipids intake was almost double what it should be to fix this problem I would have to cut out a lot of fast food and drink plenty more water and let go of some of the snacks I eat and replace them with a fruit or something a lot more healthy than my usually choices.

Macronutrient intake was in range with protein but under acceptable distribution range for carbohydrates and over for fat not getting enough protein can be fatal because it has to do with like everything that goes on with your body initial effect of low protein intake can be muscle wasting accompanied by increasing weakness. You may also experience a greater number of infections because your immune system can’t produce enough antibodies or other immune molecules.

Eating too few carbohydrates can be fatal as well you may include dizziness, headaches, weakness, fatigue, nutrient deficiencies, nausea, diarrhea, mental fatigue and even bad breath. Without enough of these fats’ sources in your diet, you may not get enough essential fatty acids, which could cause problems with your hair, skin, immune system and vision. Eating too little fat may also lower your blood levels of good cholesterol, raising your risk of cardiovascular problems.

My fiber intake was really close it was 94. 5 I think it’s just right because of the things I eat on the normal bases I thought it was going to be too high but it’s just right on the other hand my fiber group is not balanced at all It hardly any vegetables and not much fruit as well so I will have to up my intake on those. I get the most fiber from sunflower seeds I eat them throughout the day at work and the least would be my otitis spunk Myer muffin.

The trend I picked up is I just eat on the go because I’m always in a rush so I eat a lot of gas station food and then for lunch I’ll get more fast food and dinner I will eat somewhat healthy . I have room for a lot of improvement I would eat a lot more vegetables and fruit and instead of fried foods I should start eating baked wheat bread instead of white and that would be a start. My meals do include rich fibers.

If you drink fruit juice instead of whole fruit it may go down processed things tend to take away a lot of nutrient and if your fiber gets to low hemorrhoids are sometimes a side effect of prolonged constipation. Chronic constipation and straining may also lead to diverticular disease, a painful condition in which pouches form in the colon and can become inflamed. The only way you would go over or under excessive would be if you were obesity or really skinny it would have to be case by case so people have diseases or there born a certain way and this would be the only way to fix it.


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