3 Levels of Society Essay

October 11, 2017 Criminology

Society consists of three degrees: the upper. center. and lower category. This was established by philosophers Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx. Marx stated his positions. known as the Marxist Theory. The Marxist position of scientific socialism was based on the short Hagiographas and positions from two societal scientists. The theory conceived by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels provided theoretical footing for the battle of the working category to derive a higher category in society. “They viewed offense as map of societal demoralisation. caused by the Capitalist society. While Karl Marx himself did non compose much on the subject of offense. his positions on the relationship between the construct of societal struggle. this construct was foremost applied to criminology by three distinguished bookmans: Willem Bonger. Ralf Dahrendorf. and George Vold. ” ( Pg. 269 Seigel Larry J. ) .

Willem Bonger had the belief that society was divided into two groups. the “have’s” or “the opinion class” and the “have not’s” or “the inferior class” . The jurisprudence is supposed to protect all categories of society. but in world the jurisprudence serves the will of the opinion category. Unless a state of affairs is in a potentially harmful manner of the opinion category. no actions are taken. But when actions such as offense affect the people of power and something has to be done. the legal system discriminates against the hapless because of the capitalist society. Bing the lower category. people are deprived of stuffs and are still monopolized by the upper category. they now are more likely to perpetrate offense.

Ralf Dahrendorf argued that society of today was organized into peremptorily coordinated associations. There are two associations who make up society. the people who have authorization and us it for societal domination and so there’s those who lack authorization and are dominated. He says that society demands to step off from the opinion of categories and adhere to the thought of authorization. Ralf states that society is made up of viing involvement groups and formed his ain theory on human behaviour called the “conflict theory” . This theory is based off of a few thoughts. such as. societal alteration is everyplace. societal struggle is everyplace. and every component in society iis a part to its ain alteration.

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George Vold argued that the Torahs are made to assist politically orienteered groups. who seek assistance by the authorities. They need help protecting their rights and involvements so they need person with forceful power to assist. He feels that a jurisprudence can be created be adequate people who portion the same position and involvements. In the terminal every instance and condemnable state of affairs involves struggle of some kind.

Crime is viewed as a societal demoralisation. as stated earlier. All three of these distinguished bookmans had their ain theories. overlapping in belief or non. on how society and offense worked. Willem Bonger believed society was divided into two groups. the “haves” and the “Have nots” . Ralf Dahrendorf argued that society was organized into peremptorily coordinated associations. And George Vold said that the Torahs were/are made to assist politically orienteered groups. who seek assistance by the authorities.


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