Solutions For Hotels Waste Management Problem Environmental Sciences Essay

October 10, 2017 Environmental Sciences

Hotels in Singapore produce dozenss of solid waste a twelvemonth and merely a few per centum of waste is being recycled. Presently we merely have Semakau Landfill. At the rate we are traveling within 40 old ages the landfill will run out of infinite in about 40 old ages. Due to the infinite restraints made it clear that another alternate method of waste disposal had to be found.

Waste Management solution

Hotels should get down holding recycle bins so that clients can recyclable waste at that place, so we recycle waste that can be reclaimable. The reclaimable material will be sorted out and sent to different companies for recycling, and besides some waste can be composed to go garden dirt so as to utilize them for fertilizing the garden dirt, this procedure is called composting. Sometimes the usage of disposable points ca n’t be avoided, in that instances try to utilize biodegradable points.

Hygiene of Common Areas and Hotel suites job

Hygiene has to be maintained in Hotels, because hygiene is really of import. For illustration, unkempt beds can pull bed bugs which can give clients skin roseolas and allergic reaction. Another illustration would be the kitchen in hotels that can acquire soiled because of the cookery, that will do to hold nutrient left over which will pull plagues, in this state of affairs the hygiene and nutrient sanitation will be affected.

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Hygiene of Common Areas and Hotel Rooms

Bed Bugs

Frequently hoovering the common countries and hotel suites

Washing apparels in hot H2O above 45 grades Celsius

Drying apparels at high temperature

Frequently rinsing of bed sheets and apparels from hotel suites

Throw away mattress if they are found along the seams of mattress, because it is difficult to wholly acquire rid of bed bugs.

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Chef, cooks and kitchen assistants certain make certain to clean and unclutter the extra veggies and nutrient waste.

Proper garb for nutrient animal trainers, such as caput cogwheel, mask and baseball mitts

Keep the floor clean and dry

Keep cooked nutrient and uncooked nutrient individually to avoid nutrient toxic condition.

Hotel direction should do certain that the hotel waste should be cleared on clip so every bit to non pull rat, cockroaches, emmets and house flies, and should hold proper and adequate bins to suit the sum of waste.

“ Green ” garden

Some hotels merely merely consist of edifice and no shadiness or verdure. Some hotels can acquire hot even though it is to the full air-conditioned because the edifice exposed to the full to the direct sunshine from the Sun.

Green ” Garden solution

By holding a garden we can educate the clients on how to continue and the importance of verdure.

By holding a garden, it brings us closer to the nature.

Having a garden, gives a hotel a more unagitated and cool expression.

Gives our ocular more verdure to look at which is better for our seeing.

Energy preservation


With the current coevals of hotels, electricity ingestion for visible radiations is ineluctable. We are excessively self-satisfied with the over usage of electricity that we did non anticipate it as an environment menace. Menace like planetary heating.

Statistic of energy ingestion for eco-friendly hotel.

Dr Amy Khor Lean Suan, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment and Water Resources had mentioned in the address below ( refer to Postpone 1 ) that if hotel operators earnestly adopt assorted energy salvaging steps, this can interpret into cost nest eggs.

‘For illustration, TheA Regent Singapore adopted energy efficient steps like replacing its Diesel boilers with a new heat recovery system and exchanging from conventional light adjustments to energy efficient bulbs. The hotel now saves about 26 % in footings of kWh ingestion and is basking important nest eggs of $ 500,000 every twelvemonth. ‘ Figure 2.1a: Extracted Speech of Dr Amy Khor on Hotel Industry ‘s Energy Saving Measures and Benefits

Beginning: Extracted from the web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: // Yr=2009 & A ; ContId=1345 ) on 16 November 2012

‘Energy Efficient Lightings ‘

Hotels can put in energy efficient bulbs like light breathing rectifying tube ( LED ) . LED tends to last longer than typical incandescent illuming. LED has a life span of 50,000 hours comparing to incandescent which merely have a life span of 1200 hours. Lead uses merely 2-17 Watts or 1/30th of candent visible radiations bulb usage. In decision, hotels may see replacing all illuming with LED which helps to cut down the energy use.

Other than put ining LED, hotels can utilize solar energy panels to bring forth electricity for the lightings. This would assist to diminish planetary heating as less fuel is been burn. Although the monetary value for a solar panel ( depending on the country ) would be expensive but after a long period of clip it will be aid to salvage more money. Doing so, hotels can play a large portion in going environmentally friendly.


Hotels can develop their associates to conserve energy every bit good as making their portion to assist exchange off client ‘s room to forestall unneeded wastage of electricity. Hotels can set up marks to move as a reminder for the invitee to exchange off the electricity when traveling out of the room. Signs can besides be usage to educate invitees about how of import is energy salvaging be it in the hotel or outside the hotel.

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The cordial reception industry includes a broad scope of services and activities such as housing, eating houses, nutrient services, and convention centres. One of the chief housing sectors is hotels. Care and operations activities within the hotels may let go of pollutants into the air and may lend to wellness concerns in the community. Pollutants like cleansing supplies, pigments and pesticides will let go of toxic-air pollutants and volatile organic compound ( VOC ) .

Solution – Cleaning

Hotels can develop their staff to utilize non-toxic merchandises. For illustration, they can utilize lemon oil to clean and Polish furniture. Vinegar can be use clean mirrors, Windowss and metal fixture. Baking sodium carbonate to be usage for cleansing iceboxs and stove. Vinegar and salts can be use clean metal. The above step can assist to cut down the usage of toxic pollutants merchandises.


Water base, or less toxic pigments can utilize for picture and coating of edifice. Hotels can utilize wood for indoor furniture alternatively pressed wood merchandises. Pressed wood merchandises uses a type of gum ( Urea-formaldehyde ) that to keep the wood particles together. The gum can breathe toxic air pollutants.


Ultimately by utilizing the above reference steps, hotels can cut down their costs and besides helps saves the environment. Associate can besides larn more cognition about utilizing non-toxic merchandises in their ain place.

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