30th Firstly, make smart choices, stay rebel

February 9, 2019 Health

30th of October 2018
Adelina Miclescu
67 King Street
Leicester, LE1 6RP
Sub – A reflective journey over past 5 years.

Dear Adelina from five years ago,
I am writing this letter to guide you in the wonderful journey named life. Along times I lived various experiences and I became aware of certain things that I would like to share with you. I want to congratulate you for the right decisions, because you have always done what you have felt, but I want to show what you can improve to become your best option of yourself.

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Firstly, make smart choices, stay rebel and don’t let anyone to cut your wings because you can do a lot of things in life if you stay on your way. Be aware that only with the present you will always confront and the life must be lived here and now. Good decisions are better if are taken on proper time. Don’t let for tomorrow what you can do today. Be more confident in yourself!
Sometimes, looking at the bad things from past, which at that time seemed to you a tragedy, you can realize now that they have brought you better in your life. For example, the fact that you had to help at your family’s store seemed annoying to you, but you will notice that this experience will be useful because it will have a great impact in your future decision regarding what you want to study further. I know you didn’t like when your parents imposed rules and tried to control your life, but they had the best intentions thinking of you. Spend more time with your dad. You will conclude that he is the person who has marked your life. He is a worthy model and he has inspired you the values ??and passions that have helped you to become a strong and determined person. Listen to his advice and always consider him your best friend. Do not argue so often with your sister. You will realize that the time you have to spend together is very short and you will never be able to turn those moments back. Spend more time with your grandparents and listen to their boring stories because you will miss all of these.
I have some advice for your look: do not cut your hair. If you knew how much I want to have it like you now . During high school, stop thinking too much about other people’s opinions and be what you want to be. Don’t want your popularity because you will be happier with a small group of friends which will appreciate you for what you really are. It is very important to focus on your studies. Studies are the key to a successful future as long as you study with pleasure. Be more athletic and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help you. Do gymnastics , run or swim. All this maintain your physical and mental health.
In conclusion, you already know what you want from life. Be courageous and ask yourself what makes you happy. Live your life, enjoy and love because the life doesn’t wait for you!
Best wishes,


I'm Amanda

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