It cannot be denied that John Nash is a genius man. But his superior intelligence among others causes to distance himself to other peple. Superior INtelligence with poor interpersonal relationship.

Despite the fact that he is a genius, his gift was slowly eating him without his knowledge, unable for Nash to separate the real world into and imaginary world. Nash is having hallunications that make him dangerous for other people around him. John Nash is not aware of his desease called schizophrenia.

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With all the struggles, his wife didn’t left his side, continue supporting him believing that Nash will soon overcome his mental illness. Inspite of all the struggles in life, his passion to learn and share his knowledge still continues.

After a little more years, Nash was able to overcome the desease living a normal life with his family.

Life may give us hardships, we must stand up and contnue walking to fulfill our dreams.


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