3 Levels of Planning

October 3, 2016 Management

The 3 levels of Planning

Planning, Organising, leading and Controlling occur in every management position and organisation. Every Manager needs to perform each of these functions. Planning is often listed as the first managerial function because it is critical to the overall success of the organisation.

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The 3 levels of Planning:

Strategic Planning
This is the highest level and is usually performed by Senior Management. The decisions on the objectives, committing resources such as money, time and people in general is done here.
Example: In business, it means how much money is going to be dedicated to a project and by when you expect the project complete.

Tactical Planning
This is the implementation of the strategic plan stage, combining your available resources, look at obstacles and review alternatives.
Example: In Business, it means an analysis of resource combination, planning for obstacles and general timetable.

Operational Planning
This is a much more detailed level of strategic and tactical plan. Here, managers chosen to work the plan and develop a specific plan to execute the strategic plan.
Example: In business, it means engaging the team, develop the answer to the What, When, How, Who, Why Management questions.
Define what exactly needs to be done.
Decide when to do the job, Develop a schedule.
Any actions take place somewhere. This is where our managers decides where is the best place to do it.
How the task is going to be performed.
The choice of resources used to complete the task.
The ??™Why??™ challenges the employees to find better ways, to bcome more efficient or to see if the work is needed altogether.

Business planning is multi level, cyclical and overlapping. Managers must be able to operate at all levels. These methodologies can be applied to everything in life. Not just in the business world, but in your own personal environment as well.
Finally, all good plans have an exit strategy.


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