3 Qualities I Like the Most in a Teacher

October 4, 2016 Teaching

A Teacher is the one who teaches us, inspires us, guides us & helps us learn something from his knowledge, ability & experience. Every teacher has certain qualities which are either liked, or, at times disliked by the students but the teacher who has the qualities & the ability to satisfy the needs of many individual students is the one considered to be a good teacher or the one most liked by the students.Therefore,for a teacher to be a good teacher in the minds of the students or to be liked by the students has to forget his/her personal matters apart & instead do what would make the students furnished in their life & this is just as suggested from the quote:
???A good teacher is like a candle, it burns itself to light the way for others.???
The most important thing is for the teacher to know about the student??™s qualities such as the strength & weakness & work accordingly in an appropriate manner.

On the basis of these requirement of a good teacher, there are certain qualities demanded by the students & according to this, I as a student have my own criteria of judgment & therefore I am mentioning the three most important qualities I personally like in a teacher & are the necessary points to be inculcated by the teacher to get success in his/her motive of changing the student??™s life .These are as follows:

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Firstly, the need of inspiration as it says:
???The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes & inspires his listeners with the wish to teach himself.???
Every teacher has to inspire the students in order to change his/her life in the appropriate manner. Therefore I believe that inspiring the students is the basic thing along with the proper guidance which is to be provided by the teacher & I have seen certain teachers who do inspire the students in the first day of the class & then keep on guiding them along the way. Such a relation b/w the teacher the students is very successful & this once happened to me when in the first class of a subject named communication techniques,our teacher Mr. Virat Bhargava came to our class & said that he was not going to teach instead discuss about the student??™s life in RTU . This was much to our surprise because all other teachers just used to come into our class just to start off with a formal lecture.

The second quality I would like in a teacher is his way of teaching including the ability to create the interest in the minds of the students using some humorous words or talks.There is a nice saying by a professor of Oxford University :
“Teaching is all about a one-forth preparation and a three-forth theater.”
This is a fact in present day life that if students concentrate only in studies,they will not be able to do it more than a week & therefore some kind of humor is necessary in a students life as well.There are several ways in which a teacher can bring the class back from the boredom of the lecture such as frequently replacing some english words by their hindi counterparts such as “Bachhon” instead of “students” & certain pronounciations which makes the class lay their attention like the words “incase” or “basically” as used frequently by Mrs. Jyoti Arora maam in our maths class & the use of “kill-ear” instead of clear by Mr. Amit Jain sir.

The third quality most liked by me in a teacher is the cooperation with the students.As obvious,without the agreement of two different sides,a conclusion can never be made.Similarly,teaching cannot be done in an efficient manner unless the students as well as the teacher cooperate with each other in an appropriate manner.Afterall,a teachers purpose is not to create students in his/her image but to develop students who can create their own image. If both the teacher & the students cooperate in such a manner that the teacher helps the students whenever they are in any troubles or in need of some help & in return,the students also would definately cooperate with the teacher when they need cooperation or any support from the students.Thus,I have described all the three qualities liked by me in a teacher along with the reasons why they should have it & hence we can conclude from the above seen points that A TEACHER:
“makes the weak students strong & the strong students even stronger.If the students fail,the teachers too have failed.”


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