4.1 Goals and Objectives Worksheet

October 27, 2016 Education

4.1: Goals and Objectives Worksheet
Team C
Pamela Carter, Yamili Chavez, Yvonne Tarango and Vanessa Visser
University of Phoenix Online
BSHS 452
Hayden Roberts
July 13, 2009

4.1: Goals and Objectives Worksheet
The primary goal of Love146 is to continue to work together with over 40 organizations and safehomes in Cambodia to provide strong training, education and practical opportunities that combat child sex and exploitation (CSTE). Without training, education and practical opportunities that combat sex and exploitation, the children would be at risk of being exploited and trafficked. Once a child becomes a victim, the other alternative would be rehabilitation and reintegration for the child in a safehome. Safehomes are costly, opportunities for rehabilitation remain scarce and the reintegration process is arduous. A secondary goal of Love146 is to reduce as much as possible the cost burden of rehabilitation and reintegration services.
The project being proposed: The anti-trafficking coalition in Cambodia will help meet Love146 goal. The following objectives are specific to the proposed project goal.
Outcome objectives:
1. Reduce the number of children being victimized every year due to lack of education and prevention resources.
2. To focus on advocacy to prevent child sex slavery and exploitation.
Process objectives:
1. Oversee and manage the National Free-phone Child Helpline: For kids in danger to call in and get help.
2. Provide tool kits to help workers share the dangers of CSTE to at risk children.

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Love146. (2009). 2009 Prevention program summaries. Retrieved on July 10, 2009 from http://www.love146.org/pages/page.asppage_id=65341


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