HSS Training Department

November 4, 2016 May 2nd, 2019 Teaching

As part of HSS Training Depart HSS Training Department ment it is my role to deliver Training to HSS Staff or Customers to fulfil their need on Equipment use and to comply with Health and Safety Legislation relevant to there jobs:

Identifying needs and planning.

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Courses delivered to our customers are driven by their need and are standard courses like PASMA for Mobile Access Tower or IPAF for Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. The Training for HSS Staff after Induction is familiarisation on products there use and the need for testing after Hire. This can involve some very complex testing for safety and the ability for the equipment to do it intended job.

Our training administration department ensure that clients receive the correct level of training by advising on course availability and competency level achieved through these courses or combination of courses.
HSS Staff require a level of training so as to make them feel comfortable with the products. They also need to know the required testing method to ensure safety.


All training centre allocation, pre course joining instructions and paperwork are dispatched by our Training


I am responsible for ensuring that the classroom, welfare facilities and practical training areas are prepared and suitable for training prior to course commencement. This includes availability of equipment to be utilised, making sure it has been checked, is serviceable for use.

Students are required to bring their own personal protective equipment but are advised what will be the minimum requirement. PPE such as Harness & Lanyard will be provided by me when appropriate as I make sure it is inspected and certified. Students can use there own but only if they can show inspection records.


To ensure that information is delivered correctly and understood a variety of teaching methods are utilised depending on the nature of the task, theoretical knowledge required or practical application. Learning is delivered at the appropriate level, speed and method depending on the knowledge, experience and qualifications of students and type of task to be performed. Where tasks are complex or safety issues may arise one to one training is carried out.


Assessment is ongoing throughout the course using a variety of methods, including question and answer during the training session. Formal written and practical assessment is completed to confirm understanding with a Pass or Fail marking system.

When delivering courses I am able to supervise the final written examination and I am audited on a regular basis by independent companies to make sure I am delivering the correct syllabus


After each course students are invited to complete a course critic, giving them an opportunity to provide confidential and neutral feedback in order to highlight any good points or criticisms they have regarding the facilities, the course, the instructor, course content and suitability for their needs. I am able to use this as part of my self evaluation process.
I attend regular annual workshops to ensure I am teaching to the correct standard and criteria.


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