A Constitution Which Needs Interpretation Is Not a Transparent Document

November 24, 2016 Medical

How many times have your said, or have you heard others say ???Who do you vote for, Liberal or Labor ??“ they??™re virtually the same??? and you??™d be right! Australians want to break the cycle of unaccountable, reactive, wasteful government who do not prioritize the interest of their people, but favour their own party??™s agendas. Also, how many times have you said to yourself ???What can I do about government, I??™m just one person??? Well you wouldn??™t be right on that score, because we know the results of People Power and just how, collectively we can make a difference. The goal of the book Aussies Wanna KISS is to turn politicians into becoming our servants again and no longer our masters. This will require readdressing our constitution and our political system.

The book is available from the website www.aussieswannakiss.com www.bookpal.com and better book stores for just $39.99 incl GST, postage and handling. Proceeds from the sale of the book will be going to support an appeal to the High Court for a referendum to achieve a better form of government to improve all of our lives. You should check out the website and if you agree that we need change, sign up to the petition. This is a must read book for all Australians, it addresses government short comings (and why) and gives common sense solutions to our very serious problems. Unfortunately common sense has been proven to be in very short supply in political circles. So here??™s your chance to make a difference to this country and stop putting up with burocractical baggage.

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What is important to note is that at Federation in 1901 the designers of the Australian Constitution could only have had an inkling that the population of Australia would grow to 22 million in about 100 years and possibly 50 million in 200 years, nor could they have conceived how developments in medical resources would excel and the demands on all sectors of this profession would grow, or why. The Constitutional designers had little concept of how (unskilled) politicians would derail our Constitution with legislation to accommodate politicians over the best interests of the people and so no relevant referendums have been sought from the people, in accordance with the Constitution.

In 2011 we need to rely on experts, particularly in the medical profession for long term planning and implementation, rather than facilitating politicians in their pursuit of their short term political careers and agendas. Today the medical profession is but a consultant to politicians who can reject valuable advice, if it is not in the political party of the days best interest. In gaining office, politicians of all persuasions can implement what they want, rather than what is really needed and with little if any Opposition. Billions of dollars wasted without results but to appear to be doing the job but in gaining the voters support, while Australians struggle to survive.

Today we listen to a debate between Abbott & Rudd who have both failed in their tenure of Health Minister – seeking that we should trust them in the future. We cannot afford them, more lost opportunities, more risks, more waste of money or for the crisis in the health system to continue! The only way forward is to establish a long term National Health Ministry incorporating only those from all sectors of this specialised field, as with all vital portfolios, run by accountable experts in their field.

“Aussies wanna KISS” (Keep It Simple Solutions) is imperative reading for every Australian to understand and address:

? Why our farmers are going broke, and why our manufacturing businesses have
packed up and moved to Asia.

? How banks make billions during recession, and who is operating our governments
and what their agendas are doing to this country, and

? Why do Governments allow Australians to suffer such hardships because of an
impossible legal system and unfair trade practices

? If more than 50% of bankruptcies and company liquidations are due to ???Poor
Economic Conditions??? and high interest, who accepts responsibility and pays

? Why does the Australian Federal Government allow companies to rip off ???Mum and
Dad??™ investors and why do 50% of marriages end in divorce

? Why does the Australian Government want to charge taxes on air (the Emissions
Trading Scam) and water, delivering neither That is, why, after 100 years, can??™t
the State and Federal Governments reach an agreement on water sharing &
developing it

? Why do Australians tolerate false, misleading and deceptive conduct from
Governments when others would be prosecuted, and who gives permission for any
Prime Minister to sign away our democracy under adverse treaties
Australians dont need to keep tolerating lies and political spin from Government in
supporting their inaction and their detrimental agendas, such as ???Globalisation”
and “Global Warming” or “Climate Change??? and in signing away our Democracy.

We have tolerated the imposition of adverse legislation from politicians without referendums where tens of thousands of Australians have suffered and continue to suffer inequality and injustice from complacent government. Once you have read the book and if you agree we need changes, please complete the petition on www.aussieswannakiss.com and tell your friends. It is imperative that you send this to all of your email contacts and friends and they pass it onto theirs. Father Frank Bennan of the Human Rights Commission states that “what is really needed is to turn back the tide of criminal behavior in powerful governments”.

WARNING! This book is politically incorrect, suitable for those with common sense only.
???It??™s time for Australians to stop being duded by drongos???.



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