A Day Spent so Trill

A Day spent so trill
Having borne a bulky and black shoulder bag loaded of decent business attire, having worn indoor white t-shirt and black short, I was going to go into Rommel??™shouse, my friendly classmate. As I walked alone, I wondered how would l looked later at the Get-Together Night Party in our school. I wish my burrowed “coat and tie” would alleviate the critical condition of my face. I also wondered what would be the faces of my dear classmates later. Maybe they were hurriedly finding dresses or coats appropriate to them and tried all the ways to be beautified but still no effect. Indeed, the one I waited was the girl I admired before. I can imagined how would she looked later in the party.

Actually, the house where I should go now was near to our school where the party held so I rather took a glimpse to the venue. I felt startled to what i saw because everything is very formal, The tables were covered with a white cloth, the seats covered of red clothes, like you were in a five-star restaurant. It is very unusual to see such things because the school I knew always filled of problematic, busy students who hurriedly submitted their projects on due, always made an appeal in teachers, compete in every competition outside the school and always burden of school works.

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I never knew that I had gone too early. As a result I was annoyed to wait for an hour beside Velascos house. In every passing hour, three of my close friends arrived; Cornejo, tall, curly hair and weirdo, Sam gleeful, slightly malnourished and slightly short, And Tebia silent-type, tall, white but slightly malnourished. When Rommel, whos lightly black, his heightwas normal and bad-tempered, invited us to go inside their house, Rommels Tita invited us for a small diner celebration for the graduation held yesterday. Homemade Palabok, Red Ribbon Chocolate Cake, and sticky sweet Biko were the dishes we ate. We rather had taken a rest awhile before we fixed ourselves for the party. Carrying their weighty bags,we headed into the mini apartment beside the house. This was the day we used to be like a vain, brushing foundation all over the faces, applying a lipstick for the dull lips, used up hair gel or hair wax for styling, moments later, we wore our ironed attires. Now, we were ready for a lavish party later.

Wanting to be a Very Important Person, we decided to attend the party late. As we wait for the right time, to be make ourselves busy, we talked and joked with each other??™s worn suits until one of our classmates whose already there in the party phoned us to immediately headed to the party but before we went out, Rommels Tita had taken some snapshot using an SLR camera.

Having been there in the party, the VIP thingy we planned turned into an embarrassing mistake which made us looked pitiful because almost all the seats were occupied. Moments later, thankfully, we found a vacant seat which is so far to the section we belonged. Consequently, we cant even gaze to the beauties of my classmates and my Crush whom I hadnt seen before. We had a conference conversation, just for fun but I thought this was true, according to whom we would dance when sweet songs arose. Now, the disco-type songs were played thus we started to dance crazy.

No one felt sad during that night; all were having fun, cherishing the moment, valuing every passing seconds, maybe because they sensed the last momentum and final goodbye to our dearest high school. In every trembling roars of the huge speaker that harmonized to the playful lights all over the corner intensified madness in the party. When suddenly the playful lights began to be tired and the roaring sound of the speaker slowly turned to more a more affectionate and melodic sound as though a man serenading a beautiful girl. All started to invite a dance together with this romantic song I heard that signed me also to pursue the plan i planned before. As usual, first, there was a hesitation but the seconds and minutes gave me to have courage, whether I failed or hopefully succeed. I slowly walked, regardless of uncertainty, beside the girl once I had dreamt to have a dance. Luckily, she accepted my invitation; I took his so soft hand, his aromatic scent spread, and his kind eyes strike to my dull eyes. I felt I was in a cloud nine. If I have a chance, I didnt want to end this feeling, and maybe, this was the right time to say the word “je taime”.

The party, I thought, as if will never stop, the enjoyment rapidly arose, and I forgot the time to go home. Suddenly, the speaker had stopped, all had stopped, and the organizer announced that the party was over. Then I wondered why things happened so fast every time you??™re enjoying the moment and so slow when you??™re bored But at least this made me experienced this rare and once in a lifetime moment.



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