A.Explain the Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development from Birth ??“ 12 Years

December 6, 2016 General Studies

Assignment 1

Q1. A. There are 4 main areas of development that are all very important from birth to 19 years old. They are:
?· Physical Development
?· Social and emotional development
?· Intellectual development
?· Language development

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Each child develops at their own rate, there is a sequence of development that progress from infancy to adulthood.
The sequence of development is the pattern of which a child will progress as he/she gets older but any child may progress faster or slower than others.

Physical Development (Age 0-3)
?· Responding to sound and movement by turning their head
?· From sitting with support to sitting upright by themselfs
?· Putting their arms out to be picked up
?· Starting to walk
?· Kneeling down

Social and emotional development (Age 0-3)
?· Responding to adults voices and face, especially the mothers
?· Enjoys games and playing with other children or adults
?· Love to perform infront of an audience and please adults
?· Wanting to do things for theirselfs

Intellectual Development (Age 0-3)
?· They do impressions of others
?· Becoming more confident with themselfs but still needs adult guidence

Language Development (Age 0-3)
?· Making happy sounds (laughing etc.)
?· Babbling sounds
?· Putting single words together as a phrase
?· Putting words together to make a sentence

Physical Development (Age 3-7)
?· Jumps
?· Hops
?· Skips
?· Pedals
?· Catch and throw a ball
?· Kick a ball

Social and emotional development (Age 3-7)
?· Making friends
?· Becoming self motivated and more confident

Intellectual Development (Age 3-7)
?· Begins to understand some differences in aspects of life
?· Understands a few simple instructions
Language Development (Age 3-7)
?· Grammar becomes more accurate
?· Can use pitch and tone when talking

Physical Development (Age 7-12)
?· Can run
?· Jump
?· Hit ball
?· Climb and swing
?· Skip

Social and emotional development (Age 7-12)
?· Although becoming more depentant, they still look for advice and guidance from close adults
?· Growing understanding of principles behind rules
?· Sensitive to their own failures
?· Able to see their own actions & motives objectively
?· Able to analyze failures & makes plans to act change
?· Can learn not to compare themselfs with others

Intellectual Development (Age 7-12)
?· Understands that people may have their own opinions that are different from their own
?· Able to take more demanding tasks in school

Language Development (Age 7-12)
?· Should be able to tell time to quarter hour
?· Should be able to read and write and print many words
?· Can have a conversation at adult level
?· Has well developed time and number concepts


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