A Fair Monitoring System

December 7, 2016 General Studies

A fair monitoring system

Nowadays there are many internal problems that can face a company and affect its success and many companies use monitoring systems to observe their employees and detect any illegal action.

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Monitoring systems are being used in all the companies, schools and other institutions and they provide security for them .Companies use these monitoring systems to detect theft and protect themselves and the employees. Also many companies use a monitoring system to measure their staffs productivity and their work energy and create an organized successful company. On the other hand employees find these monitoring systems demeaning and a violation of their privacy. They say that their employers monitor their emails, phones, computer files and their Internet connection which is frustrating and disrespectful to them.

These opinions conflict with each other and as someone who is in charge of developing a good monitoring system I must make sure to satisfy both the employees and the employer. First, it should be mentioned that both the employees and the employer agree on monitoring for security and protection reasons but employees say that this can be accomplished without over monitoring, invading their privacies and violating their rights. Second, a relation of trust should be built between the employer and his employees to decrease the need of many monitoring systems. The best monitoring system that can be suitable for both sides will include video cameras covering the main public places in the company and not near the private places such as bathrooms. Also private phone surveillance is not allowed because its a violation of the trust and respect between the employer and the employees. In addition to that office computers will be monitored and certain websites will be blocked so that the employees dont waste their time in meaningless things instead of focusing their time to improve their work.

Finally, it should be mentioned that over monitoring affects the productivity of employees and too many restrictions decreases the amount and quality of work thats why employers should build a good relationship with their employees based on honesty, trust and protecting each others dignity to focus their strength on creating a healthy work environment which the recipe for success because in the end thats what really matters.


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