A Good Marriage

December 13, 2016 Communication

???I do??? are the two most important words that one will say in their lives. With only two words, one will promise themselves before god to another person. It is a promise to an individual that you will: love and be loved; honored and cherished; faithful and honest. Marriage is a lot of work but, after years of observing I feel although I have an understanding of what makes a marriage work.
Marriage is built on friend ship. Being able to relate to each other as friends will establish a strong connection, the connection will result in creating a long and fulfilled marriage. Friend ships are what last forever. It is what will be there when passion dies.
Another important aspect to making a successful marriage is to be able to resolve conflicts with each other. Life is not perfect; in fact it is far from perfect. It is life??™s road blocks that will determine strength of a marriage. A couple that is able to all personal feelings aside and resolve an issue, without pointing fingers will result in a successful couple. A marriage will grow when conflicts are over come, because solving issues together brings the couple together on a new emotional level. A huge part in solving conflict is the ability to communicate. As stated in this article ???Communication is very important in having a successful marriage. A good marriage is one in which the couple can communicate about important issues that deal with every day lives. Couples need to be able to discuss how they are feeling, both in terms of how they feel about one another but also in terms of how they are feeling about other things in life. This does not mean that the husband and wife always agree on every issue; but it does mean that each is willing to listen to the other, and to discuss their points of view. Good communication makes a good marriage??? (earths magic Inc, 2000, Para 3)

Finally the most important aspect to marriage is the love for one another. Love is what builds the marriage. To be able to love unconditionally, and open oneself to the magic that love will bring. I have yet to experience love but I have seen it. It is the love that I want for myself, because I know that when you truly love somebody there is not a challenge that you can not face. I believe that when love is true and that it is given, then it will always be returned. When there is no love in a marriage, then it really is not a marriage anymore. Love is unconditional, it is forever and always.
Every marriage is different but I believe that through friendship, communication and of course love that any marriage has the ability to succeed.

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