A Midsummer Nights Dream

December 24, 2016 General Studies

A Midsummer Night??™s Dream
Act II
Act II, Scene I
The fairy must make sure everything is perfect for the queen. By the way the fairy acts; it is probably the one who prances around on the stage. The fairy is the life of the play, the center of everyone??™s attention. The fairy is exciting and joyful. The fairy must make sure the decorations are perfect and that the Queen enjoys herself, and has a very good time.
Oberon and Titania are fighting over the little boy that Titania stole from the Indian king. Oberon wants the boy for himself to go with him on his trips through the forest. Titania refuses to give him the boy. She puts flowers in the little boy??™s hair and makes a big fuss over him. Titania and Oberon refuse to speak to each other now. They don??™t meet anywhere and their arguing frightens the fairies, so they hide in acorn cups and will not come out. He goes on to tell the fairy that he keeps Oberon happy by playing tricks on people to make him laugh.
Puck interacts with humans by playing mean tricks on them. He scares the maidens in the village; he steals the cream from the top of the milk, screws up the flour mills, and frustrating housewives by keeping their milk from turning into butter. He tricked a horse into thinking that he was a young female horse. He hid at the bottom of an old woman??™s drink disguised as an apple, and when she took a drink he bobbed up against her lip and made her spill the drink all over herself. He has played many more harmful tricks on people.
The power of ???love-in-idleness??? is the power to make someone fall in love with the next living creature or person that they see when they wake up from the potion that was put on their eyelids while asleep. Cupid took an aim at a beautiful young virgin but missed. The arrow then fell on a western flower, which is now purple from the arrow of love. Oberon wants the flower so he can put it on Titania??™s eyelids while she??™s sleeping. This will make her fall in love with the first thing she sees when she wakes up. He will cure her from this potion with another plant but only if she gives him the little boy first.
Demetrius keeps telling Helena that he does not love her and wants her to stop following him. He tells her once again that he is in love with Hermia. Helena tells Demetrius that she can??™t help loving him, he attracts her to him. She tells him to let go of his power to attract her and she will not follow him anymore. Demetrius goes on to say that he is not nice to her and does not ask her to follow him and tells her that he can??™t love her. She tells him that treating her the way he does makes her love him even more. He tells her he is going to leave her in the forest all alone. She told him that it would be heavenly to be killed by someone she loves so much.
Lysander and Hermia decide to rest for the night. Lysander wants to lie next to Hermia. He tells her that their hearts are joined and to think of them as one heart. Their bodies are linked together by the promises they??™ve made. He tells her to let him sleep next to her and he won??™t lie to her but be faithful and respectful. Demetrius tells Helena to stop following him and that he does not love her. He just wants to find Lysander and Hermia because he loves Hermia. He tells her to go away and get out of there. Lysander respects Hermia??™s decision but Demetrius shows no respect for Helena.
Change a raven for a dove. It means that who wouldn??™t want someone so beautiful and interesting compared to someone ugly, boring, and dull. A dove is more worthy of love than a raven.
One person I want to be more like is my mother. She is always positive and calm. She has a lot of patience and rarely ever gets frustrated. She is kind to everyone and is a very hard worker. I admire her for her strength and positive attitude during a difficult situation. She never talks negative about anyone or anything. I could start being more like her by thinking positive and looking on the bright side of situations. I would have to start being nicer to others. I need to tell myself more often that I can instead of I can??™t. I need to not say negative things to anyone or about anything. By doing these few things I could be more like my mom, who is someone I look up to for everything.


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