A New Work Ethics

January 3, 2017 Commerce

Describe how typical the attitudes that Sheehy reports appear to be in work environments you have experienced. I have experienced the attitudes that Sheehy report while working at Wal-Mart about seven years ago. I was a customer services manager for the cashiers. Most of the employees were young college students who worked part-time and they were only there to earn a paycheck. For many it was their first job. I can recall a time when an employee present an attitude of get away with what you can when she was so eager to go on a break that she stopped customer from checking out in her line by telling them that her line was closed and they had to check out at another cashier station. Many of the customer were upset that they had been in line for a while to be checkout and only to find out they had to go to another cashiers??™ station to check out. If that employee would have presented a better attitude by allowing the customer to check out and delayed her break for five minutes. She would have provided excellent customer services.
Explain the implications of the work ethic Sheeny describes for the future of American business. The work ethic of the future of the American business that Sheeny describes is very common when there are a lot of young people who have never had to work really hard. They have the mind framed that this is not going to be my career and I am here just to coast along the way. If the workers were older, I really believe that they would take the working environment serious. Many older workers or those that have being working for a longer period of time value the importance of doing what is right. They abide by the rules that are at their place of employment. In the today world many employee are in their position based on who they know and not the experience or the level of education that one may have. In the world today the value of good work ethic is far gone. The importance of hard work is not longer being displayed and the costumer has to suffer.
Explain whether it is more reasonable to expect workers, especially in capitalist society, to be more devoted to their jobs, more concerned with quality and customer services, than Sheehy??™s co workers were. In capitalist society you cannot expect workers to be devoted to their jobs, more concerned with the quality and customer services if it they are not trained correctly. Many of the workers are no longer devoted to providing true customer services if they are treated unfair, under staff, and forced to work longer hours. The way they are treated is the same result that will be provided to the customer. In many corporation it has to start from the top, if manager provided their employee with the proper training as well as the way they are treated then you will get better result in dedication from employee. In the today world so many companies are being outsourced to other countries.
Explain the reasoning behind employee theft. Many employee steals due to being treated unfair. They steal from the company to compensate for being underpaid. Some feel that they will never get caught for stealing from the company. In many cases the consequences of theft is not emphasize at the time of employment. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of all employees steal at least once, and that half of these steal again and again. The Chamber also reports that one of every three business failures are the direct result of employee theft. In employee surveys conducted by academics, 43% of workers admitted stealing from their companies. The FBI reports that employee theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. (Shulman,T. n.d., para.15). Many companies need to provide more background check before hiring employees.
Explain ways the culture of our capitalists society encourages attitudes like those Sheehy describes. The ways that culture of our capitalist society encourages the attitudes the Sheehy describes is very common in so many employee they are only working at many of these places either they are there only for the money and not really withholding the value of hard work. Most of them really don??™t have the best interest for the companies. Some are working there just to get by until they have really decided on what career path that they really want to take. They must learn and value good work ethics before getting the real job.

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