A Real Class Act

January 17, 2017 Music

Class or No Class
What is ???Social class??? Does it really exist in our society Does everyone have the same opinions about Social class Julie Charlip talks about these aspects in her essay ???A Real Class Act???. Julie Charlip thinks class has to do with family, work ethic, neighborhoods, who you live with, and education. Charlip explains her personal side to these subjects to share her upbringing and thoughts of her status in class. Americans don??™t want to believe that there is such a thing as class, lets face it, class is everywhere (excerpt from ???People Like Us???). Now, what their opinion on what class depends on, or how other people fit into classes, may be different. One may pull aside average Joe??™s, business men and women, or even a homeless person off the street, pull a picture out, and ask ???What class does this person look they belong to??? (As stated in ???People Like Us???). Average Joe might say, ???he looks middle class like me???, the business woman might say, ???he looks lower middle class??? and the homeless person off the street may say, ???he looks better off than me??? and laugh it off. I think depending on what class certain people pertain themselves to makes them look at other people according to their social standing. To everyone in society, there is a different perspective of class.
Charlip uses her childhood memories of working with her dad, to living in the suburbs, education and upbringing. In her excerpt of ???Life in the Burbs??? she says ???I couldn??™t understand how they could have more money than my family yet not know the social graces. I began to see that there was a complex interconnection between money and lifestyle, between social skills and acceptance.??? This to me, means that even though you have money and are in the higher status, you may not have the manners or understanding of respect as ones with less money and an understanding of working for the money.
What does class depend on This is a very arguable question to answer. One might say money. The more money you have the higher up in class you will be. Pertaining to money, your
class may depend on where your house sits in a neighborhood, particularly up on a hill, rather than down in the valley of mountain or the bottom of the hill where the do-nothings and nobodies live. Education. This I think plays a HUGE role in social class. One can??™t walk into a white collared black tie event and not know a lick of proper English and expect to get some respect or to be happy or comfortable. Now, I??™m not saying you have to be educated to be comfortable or happy, cause gosh darn L-Bow isn??™t educated and he sure seems to be fine in his Redneck class, but it does come into factor when your trying to mosey your way into somewhere your clearly aren??™t supposed to. In ???People Like Us??? there was a statement that struck my interest. The young gentlemen from the ???Wasps??? said, ??? Your either in it or your not???. He says, ???We??™re smarter, better looking, more cultured, eat better, all due to how we were brought up.??? This man honestly thinks that they should be help at a higher social standard, for the pure fact that they had everything given to them.
As for my family, as cliche as it sounds, I would say we??™re middle class. Not overpowered with money or controlled by it. My mother works from 5 am to 9 pm at night, soon to be on a ship and gone for months at a time. My dad used to work at night at a commissary. Got an average two story house, little sister is in elementary school, and a little brother that is two, all get taken care of by my dad. We always made time for family, tried to eat dinner together as much as our schedules would work. I guess I arrived at this decision because I never really thought of my family pertaining to a class and because I don??™t think many families understand the military aspect of our lives. I picked middle-class because I would assume were an average family just making our way in society.
In my opinion, the ???working class???, the people that work in lumber yards, construction sites or farms deserve to be labeled as upper class. These people work hard for their money, usually enjoy what they do for a living, but get absolutely no credit other than, they??™re lower middle class and a frown. Class, I don??™t think, should be about money or education or who you know, hell there shouldn??™t even be a label. Class is something that society, in or out of the United States, can avoid. It??™s in our government, its in our military, its in our everyday lives that we live. Why, because we have come accustomed to ???judging our peers???. In our society, as the generations bloom and pass, new customs rise about. Labeling someone in a certain class an everyday thing, everyone at some point in the day will look at another person and depending on their clothing or the way their hair is done, or maybe even the music device they happen to be listening to, will classify them as lower, middle or upper class. Now, it may not be those specific thoughts but there will be that train of thought, ???wow look at him, my clothes are way better???. Class is all about how an individual in society thinks of one another. Whether its right or wrong, true or not, is a completely different subject.


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