Real Friend Is a Drinking Friend ???

What do you think of the following sentence, ???A real friend is a drinking friend??? In Korea, that means if you want to make best friends, do drink alcohol with them. However, in reality there are some opposite occasions. As I have three reasons that alcohol makes us to fight, alcohol does not allow us to make enough conversation, and alcoholic confused manners we have. (How Essay writing service can help write similar article) Therefore I disagree with the sentence.
To begin with I think when we go to drink alcohol with friends for friendliness we could have arguments, even fight. When we drink, we cannot think rationally and easily become impatient. Also, it is really hard to maintain good behavior with drinking because alcohol usually makes people emotional. As a result, our friendship is rather ruined. For example, last summer vacation I and my friends go to drink for friendly feelings. At first we were really happy and feeling good, but someone became drunk and she told me very rudely then we fought. Therefore the alcohol causes us to fight or argue with friends, it has bad effect for true friendship.
In addition people cannot have enough conversation when they are drinking. Someone might go to sleep because of getting drunk. Also, the pub is so noisy. Moreover we tend to play noisy game rather than having enough talk. Instead of noisy tavern, we have quite cafe or restaurant. In there, we can have enough conversation and

we can know each other well. I believe that the more we know friends, the deeper our friendship. Then I think going to drink that cannot make possible for us making enough talk is not favorable.
Last of all when we go to drink, we can make a mistake to compel friends to drink more and that affects our friendliness wrongly. In Korea, we often misunderstand alcohol manners. When someone wants us to drink we might think that we should drink because of confusing manners. If some people deny that suggestion, we wrongly consider him very rude. To force people who do not want to drink anymore to drink alcohol, I think, is inhuman. In similar situation we might force friends to drink alcoholic drinks more, they go stressful and that affects our friendship badly. As a result, the enforcement to drink alcohol to friends is not beneficial to our friendship.
To summarize, I have presented three opinions against the idea that drinking is helpful for friendliness. I mentioned that drinking alcohol might cause fight or quarrel, we cannot have enough talk for knowing each other, and the deceit of drinking etiquette for supporting my idea. I think the real friendship is that knowing each other deeply so I do not agree the thinking ???A real friend is a drinking friend??? Instead why do not saying ???A real friend is a respect friend???

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