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October 11, 2016 General Studies

Adidas F50 Adizero
You fake left with a step-over and go right. The defender is left in the dust. The following defender makes a challenge for the ball with a sliding tackle as you touch the ball far past him and run onto it, you feel as if you are running in your bare feet. This is it, you and the goalkeeper. You strike the ball clean and firm and as you follow through, you see the ball fly past the keeper for the first time in your new cleats. It is so much easier for you than it had ever been before. Is it the new cleats that you are wearing The Adidas Adizero ad insinuates that the user of the cleat will play like Lionel Messi, the best player in the world, and that the cleats will make you much faster and more dangerous when attacking the goal.
The ad makes one think that if they wear the Adidas Adizero cleats that they will play like the best player in the world, Lionel Messi. The golden Adizeros featured in this ad are Lionel Messi??™s signature color of this model of Adidas cleat. Messi is the main focus in this picture with his cleats featured next to his face. His facial expression is focused and determined which shows his determination to score goals. He has some facial hair to make him more relatable to his audience by making him look like any other normal man. The background is a soccer field so it would appear as if he had just finished playing. Adidas uses ethos to persuade the audience that you can play like Messi if you decide to wear these exceptional cleats. Almost every soccer player knows who Messi is and they know that he is a world-class ball handler. He is very quick and

at times he looks like he is gliding along the field. This is where the ???lightest??? part of the ad comes in.
The weight of the cleats is a whopping 5.8 ounces that, according to Adidas, will make the difference between you getting to a ball before your opponent does. You will be the fastest player on the pitch, even if you were the slowest before, is the claim that Adidas is making. The picture of Messi serves as a tool to show that if he uses these cleats, then so should you and you will become a great player as well. The name of the cleats, Adizero, is a combination of Adidas and zero. This is a clever name because Adidas is implying that their cleats weigh close to nothing. Adidas wants you to think that these cleats are essential for players who want to take their game to the next level and quicken their game. Adidas believes that you will think that there is a direct correlation between the weight of the boot and how fast you can run and play.
The colors of the background are very dull and dark which makes the golden cleat stand out even more. This makes the golden Adizeros the focus of attention when you first look at the ad. The ad tells you directly that you will ???Be Faster??? if you wear these cleats. It states that the cleats are ???The Fastest??? which makes one think that they will be the fastest. It also says ???Lionel Messi & F50 Adizero.??? before it states the shared characteristics between the two. It lists the characteristics in a way that one could piece together as results of each other; ???The Lightest???, ???The Fastest??? and ???The Deadliest???. It seems to imply that if you have the lightest boots you will be the fastest thus making you more dangerous and you should be able to score many goals.

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Lionel Messi is the perfect representative for this shoe because he was top goal scorer in all of Europe last season with thirty-four goals. Adidas provides a hard fact that can support their case that this is the best cleat around, ???2010 FIFA World Cup Top Scoring Boot.??? This makes the reader believe that there is a relationship between these cleats and scoring goals. The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the World. If the most goals were scored with these cleats, then they must be quality cleats that can make you play better and score goals, even if you previously did not have the skills to do so. The ad says that they are the ???deadliest??? cleats, which makes the audience think that the cleats will make you score goals. These cleats will give you a better chance to score goal than with any other cleats. The color of the cleats, gold, is one that represents richness and preciousness. The argument relies primarily on ethos and the knowledge of who Messi is.
The ad also does not account for the individual player??™s skill that is wearing the cleat. The ad does not succeed because you do not need any special cleats to be a great player. A great player can wear any cleat and score goals. If you are fast, you are fast. The weight of the shoe does not make a drastic difference when you are on the soccer field; this is not track. The sacrifice that you make when wearing the Adidas Adizeros is one of comfort and safety. The lightweight material is very thin and uncomfortable; where as other cleats have a thicker leather body that provides more protection and comfort.
The Adidas Adizero ad makes it??™s reader believe that just by wearing their

cleats, that they can play like Lionel Messi, be faster, and be more deadly when going to goal. It does so through ethos by using the world??™s greatest player as its spokesperson and making you believe that there are correlations between the weight of the boot, how fast you are and how many goals you can score.


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